Tuesday, August 04, 2009

@ Cameron Highlands

Facts on our trip to Cameron Highlands

- our third trip to Cameron
- went there with my two sisters Ainaa and Ainun, Ainaa's friend and one of Mr. Husband's student
- arrived at 130 am in the morning, quite scared during the journey
- .. and we havent decide where to stay
- Mr. Husband was responsible to ask one hotel after another
- Equatorial penuh, Star Regency was quite expensive, budget hotels (most of the receptionist counter has closed),
- FYI, we prefer to stay at an apartment since I can cook or watsoever
- Lucky for us cos we met one of the hotel owner, Lucky Garden Hotel and we managed to get an apartment with 10 beds (terpakse :))
- PALING PALING SEJUK yang kiterang pernah pergi!! except the last day

Day 1 - Saturday (since hari jumaat tu pun settle down dah k ul 2 lebih kan)

Mr. Husband, Ainun and Mr. Husband's student (Moorali) woke up early in the morning. Actually the reason we were at Cameron Highlands was Mr Husband was keen to climb up the Gunung Cantek.

And Mr. Husband has successfully influenced Ainun and Moorali to join him. The rest--- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Strawberry Farm - Taman Agro

Later in the evening, we spent most of our time at Taman Agro since it was heavily rains and yes, teramat2 lah sejuk sejuk. Again, we were lucky and the owner too since Taman Agro provides rows of 50 sen nak-main-lagi-sila-tambah-duit-lagi and Emir was occupied for almost 2 hours there.

Day 2 - Sunday

Yer yer, I wore the same outfit :p and Mimi decided to wear the SAME baju.. cheh..

At Smokehouse with everyone

Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation, not sure where Mr. husband knows about this place, it was really isolate from the other tea plantation that I know, and to get there, please allow only expert driver to drive since the road is really really dangerous giler giler..

And down here are the pictures taken at Bharat Tea Plantation.. Emir sangatlah active since he loves the maze there.. hehehe

The above picture was taken when Emir INSTRUCTED his father on how to snap his picture

Ok thats all, more pictures at my Facebook :)


Mummy Rizq said...

oooo.. bestnya! dah lama tak kesana. mesti u all enjoyed he trip very much kan!

kirana said...

sy pegi sekalik jer cameron...
serik rasa nak pegi lagik..tak tahan jalan pusing2..huhu pening

Iryani Noor said...

babe Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation tu sgt besttt kn... aku sker scenery kt situ.. tenang giler... time aku p Cameron dulu, twice kitorg p sana...

ain said...

mira.. what a coincidence.. kitaorg pn pegi cameron highlands on last friday till sunday.. cicak ada course kat equatorial :D sygnya tak terjumpa.. yups sgt sejuks sbb ujan.. rasa sampai ke tulang

nolee said...

ek eh.. aku pun hari sabtu sampai semalam kat cameron highlands ada kursus kat cool point hotel di Tanah Rata..siap pi eq lagi lepas pi kea farm.. haha..

Ibu Emir said...

Mummy Rizq: Yes, the trip was awesome, nak nak kesejukan kan dia kali ni memang mustahil lah nak dapat kat kl huhu

ana: ana, sekarang jalan dah cun lah, tak de lah sharp corner lagi

yani: haah, aku pun tak tau mane si emran ni tau pasal sungai palas ni, signboard nak masuk pun bukannyer besar pun

ain & nolee: korang memamg, korang memang!! kalau tak unplanned reunion

BabyBooned said...

bestnya gi cameron! berani betol encik emran diri tengah plantation. i did that once and was told by a planter that there're snakes in there. tobat!!


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