Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi peeps

Today is Saturday, a great weekend is coming ahead (i hope). You know, getting older (im still young btw) i prefer to be at home rather than spent my weekend outside. As usual, every Friday morning my department will conduct Technical Roundtable where everyone will take turn to facilitate the session. Last time during my U days, I loves presentation, I love speaking in front of the public, I always lead the presentation but now, Im not, seriously not. I seriously think that my confident level has decreased tremendously when I stepped into employment world. Perhaps, I have to speak in front of those outstanding performer in this department and expert in our field kot and I always feel that I have less technical skills and not competent compared to them. Anyway, last two weeks was my third time as the facilitator.

Anyway, that was not my point. Usually during the Roundtable, my partner will give some good motivational advise for us to boost our performance, but honestly I rarely demotivated or can i say.. just ignored but unlike yesterday. She was standing in front of us in different style and she looked young and stunning. Ok ok, maybe i overrated, but that is my point right. and she told us about saving your money and loves your heart.

She told us when she was at 3rd of her working year, she was able to save RM20K in her bank's account. Amazing rite, while me on the other hand, mak aii jauh lagi. (ni tak kire EPF ni).. Looking back on my spending pattern, I dont think I can ever reach 10K even in 3 years time which is NOT GOOD. Yeah, no doubt I admit that i get a good pay from the Company, but err, you know, im blaming myself for this reason. So from this month onward, I will try to save at least RM1K per month. (err. boleh ke?) But of course, in return i have to sacrifice a lot of things. First and foremost.

1. Think twice before dining in at a fine restaurant. Ok, you know, usually i dont mind spending my money on FOOD. So rule no 1, jangan sesuke hati nak breakfast kat Subway and not even at Pit Stop (those yang kat PBD tu tahu lah). Rule no 2, dont spend on Starbucks or SanFran , yeah i have this habit kalau nak minum coffee ke ape ke, terus ke situ.. tak de pikir punyer especially during the compliance period, ha ha kan naz kan kan pisah kan.. macam orang kaye banyak duit :p unlike my hubby.. huhu..

and also for my lunch and dinner.. but naz, bile ni nak bawak pisah kat tropicana tu :)

2. then, i shouldnt pamper Emir that much. You know everytime we passed by Solaris, he always insisted to go to Cold Storage and usually - surely we "visit" there and end up, we bought unnecessary stuffs.

3. Credit cards, im not worry on my credit cards since I didnt use it sesuke hati.. but i will try to clear my credit cards as soon as possible..

So, at the end of August, I will (remind me if i forget) announce how much I could save for that month ok..

and speaking of heart.. she said that we have to listen to our heart and love our heart most. And she specifically highlighted on having a good exercise. and yes, im not good in this department. dah la keje duduk bagai kan..

you see, thats the different between chinese ladies and malay ladies, i know not all, but most of them they really know what they should eat and stay healthy unlike us (unlike me) makan main belasah je, tak de pantang larang..

hubby already bought the gym's bicycle (i dunno what we call) for two months but i just touch and used it for my exercise for less than 5, freaking 5 times!! so can you imagine how lazy I am!! and maybe from now on, i should do something for myself, at least awarding myself with less than 5kg by the end of the year. (1 kg sebulan kahkahkah)

i was about to compliment my partner that she looks totally different yesterday, but well, errr, it is better for me to zip my mouth kan. nampak macam bodek pulak.. but in case she is reading my blog (cross my fingers - please not, please not, please not hehehe), dear partner, i love to see you in that fashion ok... sangat fresh..

p/s for a record, Emir baling elephant ice age mcD tu dekat kepala i (sakit ok!!) kalau sentuh dahi tu sampai sekarang rase sakit.. and today dia hempas kan kepala dia dekat bibir mak dia (pun sakit).. hai inilah hasil melayan anak lelaki..


kirana said...

hehe.mira ..saya pon ke arah utk saving gak..untung awk sedar masa muda2 ni.huhuhu saya dah nk masuk 30 baru tergedik2 nak saving..

BabyBooned said...

i hear you, i hear you. i pun bab makan ni suka spend lavishly. tak kisah bayar mahal sikit for good food. sighhhh. jom la kita save sama sama k...

noorina said...

huhu saya ni pon kena force save by azhar. masuk UT tiap bulan standing instruction. kalau sendiri2.. mmg payah la.
Saya plak needs to stay away from IKEA.. tiap kali pegi.. ada je nak beli :P

JOELY said...

selamat bersaving....:)...tpkan..bile dah saving ni..lg kedekut nk kuar duit...terketar2 jer tgn nk blanja lebih2 myself....sume tgk pd yg murah ajer...starbuck...jgn ckpla...xpnah jejak pon....huhuhu....


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