Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi kawan-kawan (buat care Upin Ipin boleh??)

1. I have this wild idea of doing this kinda of marketing and asked Mr. Hubby's opinion, but he just said. "Buat proposal baru tunjuk kite" mak aii, dah jadi macam bisnes meeting pulak.. But anyway, I already drafted and ready to share with him. Ape dia.. tunggu, soon soon soon soon. how soon depending on my hubby approval :)

2. Yesterday, we went to Mid Valley. When we were about to step out of Mothercare, we heard someone shouted followed by bunyi hentakan gitu, and there I saw one lady guard was fighting with two or three stupid gentlemen in front of the Jusco entrance. Then, I quickly asked Mr. Hubby who was that time with Emir - to stay inside the shop until everything was calm. I then saw two guys running towards the Komuter entrance (in front of us), and another guy shouted "Rompak rompak" and we then saw several guards chasing the two or three unknown guys. Then only we knew that these three guys tak dak duit and curik.. 1. few kid shirts 2. one remote contol car and few items which i might considered ranging tak sampai rm1000. haiya..

Emir of course didnot know what was happened, and when everything has settled, he just asked "Ibu wat happen".. heheh and the father pulak "Rugi tak amik video", mane sempat pikirlah cik abang sayang oii. selamatkan diri dulu..

But yeah, derang bukannye pakai selekeh, presentable jer, luckily there was no gun shot ke ape, kalau tak aku yang trauma.

3. When we arrived home, blackout pulak. and mak aii panas nyer.. but it was good cos Emir gets to play with neighbour's son at our house, biar derang bonding sikit. But yesterday Emir slept around 2.40am (I dunno what was he doing cos I already at my moon mooon land, i just know cos he requested for his milk) resulting sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat tantrum this morning. Orang besar tidur tak cukup pun penat kan, ape tah lagi budak budak.

4. Hoping that Mr. Husband will cancel his plan to go to Sabah tomorrow, I know he is eager to take up the diving license, dan encik husband, i dont have any reason why you cannot go ok, saje.. nak pergi pun pergi lah .. hehehe..

5. Saya puasa hari ini. Puasa ganti.. waaaaaa tersekse betul hahaha cos my colleagues tak puasa, and they get to eat sample kuih raye in front of me.. cehhh :p

6. Tomorrow I have lunch meeting at House of Sundanese kat KLCC tu, ape makan best?

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Mummy Rizq said...

kambatnya emir tidor.. rizq paling lewat pun 12:30 and he will still get up early! mummy nak memanjangkan waktu tidor pun tak berkesempatan...


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