Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally yesterday, we brought Emir to watch Ice Age 3. At first we were skeptical to watch movie during the week days (especially me) but since we are not willing as well to swim in the crowd during the weekend, so we decided to watch the movie last night at the Signature, Gardens.
Anyway, that was my first time there and second time for Mr. Husband. I dont know the price was a bit expensive compared to the Mid Valley, but since Mr. Husband kind enough to donate extra RM$$$ to GSC, why not kan..
The movie started at 8pm but we were late, solat and the best part Emir poops and he insisted Mr. Hubby to wash him hahaha. yadayada, yes, I already trained him to ask Papa not Ibu especially when we are at malls and guess what, im succeeded.

So while waiting for them, I saw Nabil Lawak tu with his girlfriend si Irma Hasmie but of course i just pretend i do not know them. hehe.

Anyway, the movie is interesting. I already asked few of my colleagues whether Emir boleh understand the storyline and most of them said, perhaps yes since it is quite a funny movie for children. And yes..

Emir enjoyed it through out the session despite he was being very serious, he only laughed once but he did concentrate to watch the next scene. And the best part (this is why I want to blog)
He cried.. I was quite surprised he knows and understand the story, i mean such a 3 year old boy.

what scene?

The scene where Sid and the three baby dinosours saying goodbye to each other. Emir was on my lap when i suddenly heard sob sob sob. I thought it was him telan hingus ke ape kan but when i touched his cheek, yeah, it was wet!! and being so err excited, err kecoh, immediately told my hubby and we were laughing (tapi gelak kecik jer). I asked him, emir sedih ke and he nodded. Haa, he knows!!

Anyway the day before I thought him to play this one game, where he has to match what emotion match the words, of cos he could nt read lah, so i would say " Emir show Ibu which is sad face"
and he will match it and it so true!! keh keh keh.. and hasil dari tengok ice age

We went to borders and he requested us to buy Ice Age 3 books .. haaaaaa..

But we just bought Playhouse Disney Magazine. hehehe


im_an_ibu said...

sweetnye emir... such a big boy now, huh?

Iryani Noor said...

alahaii kiuttttt nyer.. emmir nangiss yer syg... dh beso dh anak ko mira...

Ibu Emir said...

yeah, pejam celik pejam celik dah besar dah si emir ni..

Iryani said...

ohw..i was wrong then!!
Emir mmg clever boy sbb boleh paham...


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