Thursday, June 18, 2009

What am I doing in this wee hour..

Well, it all started on one Sunday night where one little boy named Emir refused to sleep and ignored his mum. He was playing alone and insisted to tag with his Anjang (my sis). Me on the other hand, tamau la kacau orang tidur kan without knowing that my sister was still glued in front of her laptop.

So, there goes my Monday..

He repeated the same tantrum on Monday night but this time, he started to cough badly. He slept quite early but when the midnight strikes, he woke up with his cheerful face. I know by then, my Tuesday gonna be another sleepless night. He vomitted around 3 am and didnt sleep until 6 am.

And same goes for today. Informed his teacher not to wake him up, kire ponteng sekolah gitu, but the teacher called and informed that he refused to eat and sleep all day long. Hmmpph..

And tonight, he was jumping and jumping and Papa now is known as his trampoline. He was too active until I decided to h ave my beautiful dreams first. Well, actually Im off to bed at 10 am, sangat mengantuk after all his drama.

Woke up at 153 am and saw him watching his Pocoyo using my phone. Up until 230 am, his mother started to become his new nightmare. Mau aku tak jerit la kan pagi pagi buta ni. But guess what, boleh pulak pampers nyer bocor tengah malam ni. Hmpph.

Only at 3.30am, my sweet baby finally sleeps. and me, dunno what will happen tomorrow.

p/s Anjang off to UK to meet my parents, yes they are leaving Obama's territory.. Ani off to Bali wah wah wah, enjoy yer korang.. and Encik Saffuan, boleh tak sekali sekala membuzz kakak mu ini.. Sekian terima kasih


Mummy Rizq said...

Sabar yer ibu... sabar....

Iryani Noor said...

kasehh ibu membawa ke syurga... chewahhh... sabaqq yer....

BabyBooned said...

alamak. hang in there! geram je bila bebudak ni buat hal like that kan..


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