Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We just came back from Mabul Island.

Message from Emran: "Nak kene edit gambar dulu, kene amik balik laptop dari Kak Yah (his sister)"

Ok, tak kisah. It has been quite a while, I didnt write such a detailed entry kan.

Day 1 - 19 January June - thanks Shu 2009

We departed from KLIA with MAS. Later you may know why Im highlighting this :). Arrived at Tawau Airport around 3 pm and directly took a taxi from the Airport to Semporna which cost us RM90. The first thing that I did after I got into the taxi was to SMS Pisah and inform her that I already arrived at her kampung. I experienced one hour journey sightseeing the palm view + of course some village houses until Semporna.

If Im not mistaken, we reached there less than an hour since we "luckily"had a roller coster taxi driver which results me to pray along the way. hehe

Emir: When we departed he was still sleeping, again, we didn't shower him. Hubby reminded me not to bring his stroller since most of the time we will juggle with sand and sea. And yes, due to that, I strongly thing that I have strongest arm. heheh, why?, I have to carry him to gate B11 where his position like err.. sleeping on his bed.. But he was awake before the meal is served.

He was so happy to see him on the plane, he looked at the clouds and asked me

"Ibu, how to go there?, Dibo's there?" ---> Macam Gib kan :) FYI: Dibo is one of the cartoon in PHDC.

And brilliant me, I have this intinct that Hubby has no clue or browse where to stay overnight. So, I have a quick look on the internet and found Seafest Hotel. The hotel is located exactly in front of the jetty and I read that it is the first business class hotel in Semporna. The rate range from RM99 to not sure, but we chose to have seaview and it cost RM143 per night nett.

At night, we bravely planned to walk around to Semporna town (15 minutes walk) to have a dinner. The hotel menus are seriously cheap considering it is a hotel. RM7 you can get a bowl of rice.!! But being us, konon-konon nak jimat, we planned to eat at local food restaurant. but after half way, we decided not to go since 1. No cars passing by 2. No street light 3. Too quiet 4. Stray dogs,

And yes, the restaurant (not sure whether it is belong to the hotel) is just next beside the hotel and the food best!!!!!!, I've never seen that kind of udang panggang and of cos not to forget my SOTONG!! and it costs us only for RM39.. Kenyang kenyang!!

Day 2

Hubby woke up much much earlier to shoot for sun rise and whatso ever. And Emir woke up at 4am in the morning asking for his milk but later, he was too active to sleep. Luckily we were in Sabah, at 7am we went to have for our breakfast. Emir didnt eat that much, he just had half boiled egg and coco crunch.

We then went to Semporna town. Emir as usual, couldnt stop running and jumping and do whatever it takes not to stop his Ibu from shouting and tadaaa.. he vomitted exactly in front of the hotel entrance..

So we have to go back to our room and changed.

Then, we walked to Semporna and visited the wet market. Bought some ikan masin and just continue walking. Hubby was happily seeing one green mosque in the town for his shooting. Since we were tired and sleepy, (hubby yang dukung Emir) so we took a "taxi" at priced of RM2 to go back to our hotel. Murah kan

And we get to have a quick nap for at least two hours before hubby's friend called.

Waited for them at our hotel. Oh ya, actually this was sort of gathering for amazing (their pictures are seriously great!!) photographer.

We have been waited by Azhar (the owner of Sphere Divers) and off we go to Mabul Island around 45 minutes from Semporna. Ade laa lalu dekat tempat Duyong film, yes memang lawa..

Emir: he was sleeping again all the way until we reached Mabul

Yes, there were not too many islands along the way unlike when we went to Phuket. But the view was great..

Ok.. after this would be a lot lot lot of pictures ok..I couldnt describe, all I could say, im experiencing another Malaysia. and yes, Im not sure when will Mr. Husband upload the pictures,but again, we dont have too many pictures of us. Its more on the nature and people we met at Mabul Island.

Where we stay??


Spheredivers Homestay & Scuba Diving is a Homestay constructed within the Bajau Village on stilts. Our Homestay offers a reasonable budget -- yes, RM70 per head per day + makan + snorkeling, RM35 for kids. for fundives and PADI courses and a more laid back way to snorkel or dive to the Islands surroundings such as Sipadan, Si-Amil, Kapalai and Mabul, home to our homestay.On stilts, each dives are easily accessible, giving us a very flexible dive schedule to your needs.

6 Units of twin sharing rooms gives the homestay a true homely like vacations for small groups. Our homestay is located as such that both Sipadan Island and main land of Semporna can be clearly seen, with the sunset facing the front of our dining are. yes, we occupied all rooms.., so homestay tu like our own house..

Gambar nanti :p

p/s Cerita pasal MAS, err.. to be continued..


Iryani Noor said...

babe.. cpt up gambar.. tak sabar nihhh =p..

shu said...

the trip was on 19 january?

~Mrs Fred~ said...

no wayyy!! u went there already! jelesnya.. org yg duk sabah pun tak sempat2 nak gi sana lagi.. huhu.. update pics cepat2 ekk..

mommy nazeef said...

bes nyer jenjln. zzooooom mesia :)

BabyBooned said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee jeles nyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! i loveee the ocean and sebab tu when we lived in australia, every summer mesti jadi macam lobster panggang. dah balik msia pulak macam ... errr... budget selalu lari.

cepat cepat nak tengok gambar!!!

p/s: what is it with kids and that irritating dibo! ;p

Iryani Noor said...

gambar masjidd tu smart bangattt....
gambo ko ngan Mr Hubby mana miera???


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