Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Before before before before that, did you watched me in Roda Impian today hehe, im hoping no one knows but it seems I kept receiving one SMS after another.Err.. I dont dare to watch myself on TV cos im very sure ada selambak besar warna merah duduk kat tengah2 roda tu.. hahah..

Anyway, Im reading Shila's blog and the Contest word caught my eyes!! Yes again, my desire to participate in the contest came a week ago. I even stay up late at night (of course after Emir off to bed) just to surf and join any online contest. -- Tapi tak de satu pun yang menang :p

I do love RED, even my wedding theme also was RED. and Emir banyak baju RED colors and we have countless pictures of him, but since hubby has transferred the pictures to external hard disk, so I haveto bear with whatever inside his flickr and my phone.. hehe..

...When he was 9 months...

And this is definitely fun!! I only have to dig out Emir's picture in red and tadaa presenting Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran. The contest is open to all babies from 0 to 3 years old and i think Emir will be one of the oldest babies in this contest since he is reaching 3 years old this coming 29 June. In case, you are lazy to calculate, Emir was born on 29 June 2006.

Emir should grab the title "Cutest baby in red" because he is!! We (my husband and I) never thought that our ingredients can produce this cute little baby. Well, we know that we are not the beautiful and handsome couple, but let me tell you this..

I received a call from this kakak in the office telling me this

"Anak awak macam peranakan la, akak tengok husband awak tak de jugak macam mat saleh", and also

one day in the lift together with Emir, one lady asked me

"Is he mix"?

"No, im his mother" well, i know she didnt ask who the mother is, but enough to see her in shocked

and one more story.. ..Watching his fav cartoon: Pocoyo..

"tak sangke ye, awak dengan husband awak tak de la ade rupe sangat, tapi macam mane Emir tu boleh macam mat saleh"

seriously, I didnt make up the above stories, and countless times I do received this question "Macam mane"

Honestly, during my pregnancy, I did read various articles on pregnancy, what dos and donts, of cos as the first time mummy and the first one among your friend to get pregnant, everything seems so new.

... Orang lain punyer birthday, dia yang dulu...

I do believe that child education should starts from early days even he is in the womb of mother. No, im not teaching him on ABC 123, red blue orange, but to start with ape orang kate, rase dalaman.

And, from the reading of many blogs, I understand that the following Surahs should be read continiously during the pregnancy, and these were among the Surahs which I read while carrying Emir for 9 months

..On the day he celebrate his First birthday, 29 June 2007. Picture taken at Ipoh..

1. Surah Lukman (after I knew he is a boy)

2. Surah Yusuf (couldnt remember how many times)

3. Surah Al Waqiah (almost everyday kalau nak cepat)

4. Surah Al Kahfi (2 kali jer)

and I drink

Soy powder from Amway.

But whatever it is, he is still my boy, oh sekarang hampir tiada bau baby. It is such an honor to be his parents and of course he is the most awarded gift for us. From 2.6kg until 11 kg (as of last month). Im not writing this entry to show off but to share some of my experience which I think quite appropriate for this topic.

.. Picture taken last week, sorry for the blur picture.. sangat naughty sekarang ok..

Err can I win with this kind of entry? hehe, the prizes are great, PhotoBook Malaysia will definitely give me an outside touch kan, kalau tak Encik Hubby jer..

and oh please, I definitely need a bag!! My bag is too small for a mother and wife yang menjadi tempat stor mase jalan2.. AliceWonders err, I know Im not Erra Fazira but do you mind to sponsor me a bag. haha

p/s Kak didik joinlaa, i remember Mia pose on the read carpet with white background, comel okeh..


BabyBooned said...

mak oiii.. sakit lahh perut encik emran tu????

u know what mira, i always thought emir looks like you, okay? that's my two cents worth!

mummy ish said...

Ha'ah ur boy mmg good looking sangat.. perhaps bila besar lagi nampak muka sapa..muka ayah kot. Our girl pulak putih melepak.. slalu org tegur tang ni even cina2..kalo i dokong, dorg ckp..kulit ayah ke? kalo dua2 ada.. they have no answer kakaka... hubbi kulit melayu... i takat cerah kuning..

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

I don't know about your husband's side. But seriously cakap, muka Emir macam muka adik Mira masa kecil-kecil dulu, tak ingat yang mana satu. So I guess, Emir dapat "wajah peranakan" tu from your side! And please okay, tak payah rendah diri. Since sekolah rendah, I rasa you cantik, and you have a beautiful mother and a handsome father.

mummy nazeef said...

mira, gamba kiter same la untuk contest ni...huhuhu...gud luck!
comel kan ladybird?

nolee said...

Rasanya norish pun ada post something bout this competition in her blog n dia pun masukkan gambar her boy- nazeef for that competition.. kalu tak silap gambar baju ladybird tu jgk.. huhu..

Iryani Noor said...

weyh tak bitau pon kuar roda impian... ngehehehhe.... btw emir mmg sgt chomelll.... gebu gebu... =p.. sok besar mesti mcm uncle die..

Ibu Emir said...

Baby Booned: Thanks Nina, and yes, that is one of his daily routine before tido

Mummy Ish: Itulah, tak dapat kat kite, dapat kat anak lagi kite happy kan.. setiap kejadian ade hikmah nyer

Asiah: Sah ni kalau bab2 mengingat zaman dahulu kala memang terror, kalau bace blog, bile Sah mention itu dan ini, baru trigger..

Norish: itulah. same baju pulak tu

Nolee: Haah, same, baju anak dia pun same, what a coincidence

Iryani: Weh, ko tengok la dekat tv3 nyer ulangan ade..

JOELY said...

when i scrutinize emir, i think, he has ur hub's resemblance lah mira...have u look ur hub's pic when he was a kid?...ur hub mcm arab2 siketkn?..and u, i'm not surprise ur ingredients will create that such little cutey....:)


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