Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another dark secret of me is that, if Im not cooking, Im seriously super duper damn lazy to do any house chores. So, since Im not cooking today (yehaa, my sister was very kind to cook porridge for all us! sedap tau!) so there goes my day. Now its nearly 12 am and I havent do anything yet, not even washing my own dinner plate . Keh keh keh.. Malas kan..

But if i cook, superwoman wannabe is on the way cos I only stop until im really really tired which means it will be around 11pm (mind you 6pm to 11pm is very very long long hours ok and err.. im working).

and happy birthday to my younger brother Shahiran who turn 16 today!! heheh..

Can I just say that I missed them?

Baba is enjoying his own sweet retirement life- can i opt for early retirement? ur foot lah hahaha
Mama has done with her attachment
Cikyah is attending a summer session - ape jadahnyer summer session pun saya tidak tau ehehe
Shahiran has stopped looking for nasik. Oh ya, sangat mengkagumkan, his the man with must have nasik for his heavy meal and the nasik is like a big mountain!! Katenyer badan berat nak main bola kalau makan nasik
Ika is currently on an excursion to Philidelphia for year end class trip.. -- jeles nyer

Me going there? Tak dak duit lah.. ada sape nak sponsor? Sekian terima kasih :p

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