Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is how we celebrate our 4th Anniversary..

As mentioned earlier, my leave has been approved but due to unforeseen circumstances, I didnt notice that a training will be conducted on the same day. And for the first time ever, E to the Y has sent seriously official email to inform us how importance the training was.

So this morning, I was contemplating whether to cancel my leave or just take the risk of not attending the training. Well, since I have been planning our date for Allah knows how long was it, so, yes, I just proceed with the leave.

Early in the morning, we sent Emir to the kindergarten and bermula cerite. Beore this, always either me or hubby will think of Emir wherever we went out together but NOT today. Sorry Emir, suddenly your parents need a break hehehe.

I dont have to tell the rest of the story kan.. anyway, this was the highlight..

I already reserved buffet lunch for two at One World Hotel and suddenly in the car Hubby was not so keen to go there, err.. you know he is on diet.. Dia nak yang satu pinggan makan jer. So, off we went to The Curve. When we arrived there, we havent decide which restaurant we wanted to have our lunch, I kept bugging him on Royale Bintang since saya ditahap nak melantak jer, but again, the proposal has been rejected.

and out of sudden, I saw

Sakae Sushi.. well my colleagues know how fanatic I am with Japanese food. hehehe. and fortunately Mr. Husband agreed (before this tak pernah ok, I makan Sakae ni ngan kengkawan jer). I know he was not err kinda like it but the wife has already approached the waiter the moment he said, "bolehlah" haha

Next we went to watch a movie at Cinneleisure, I wanted to watch I love Man (betulke) and he insisted to watch Angel and Damon, so not to spoilt the mood, I agreed. Weih, cerite ni berat sangat lah..
Tong tang tong tang, amik Emir pastu terus pergi Tesco. At first, hubby has planned with his friends for a potluck but later, - cancelled (dan i suke heheh). Balik jer, terus bertukang dekat dapur dan masaklah

1. Ikan siakap bakar
2. Udang
3. Sayur sayuran - tauhu telur Emir, Mushroom cina i, and carrot Emir.

dan si dia kekeyangan dan TERUS TIDO LEPAS makan OK..

p/s sorry for the not so cantik especially bab daun pisang tak cukup. hehe.
dan sesungguhnya saya sangatlah puas menghabiskan cuti saya hari ini.


JOELY said... jugak kuar berdua on anniversary kn?

a wife, mother and an employee said...

hepi 4th anniversary 2 both of u fro both of us..hehe..our 4th anni is just abt 12 days away.
mira, share le how u cook siakap bakar tu and tauhu telur sama.boleh la ye..

awin said...

happy 4th anniversary Mira, i am counting on mine next month. not too sure what shall i do....

a wife, mother and an employee said...

eh mira, message from ridzuan to emran.."eh, emran dah kurus la.." *dengan muka terkejut* hehehe.

zailamohamad said...

Zaila xpernah kuar berdua ngan husband, huhuhuhu..tahun ni nekad nak kuar berdua gak ronggeng2 macam bujang2 dolu2 kaler;-)

iryani said...

hehehehehe...i want the udang.can cook for me my lovely cuz?

Ibu Emir said...

Joely: once a while, i think bende2 ni kene consistently prektis, sebab selalunyer orang perempuan ni bile kawin je more concentrate on anak

Ariffah: thanks!! errr nak kongsi.. err i ni seriesly masak main campak2 je, no specific rules.. :D just a simple cooking.. ikan bakar tu just gaul ngan bawang merah, bawang putih, kunyit, serai (i letak banyak :D), jintan manis n sikit asam jawa, blender jer semua, lepas tu sapu kat ikan ngan garam, then letak daun pisang.. pastu bakar.. hehehe..

p/s nanti i pass message kat emran, tak cakap lagi hehe

awin: thanks!!

zaila: nekad tu!! boleh jer, tak dosa pun

iryani: boleh!! meh datang rumah,

a wife, mother and an employee said...

thanks mira, patut cuba ni sbb tak pernah letak jintan manis and asam jawa.

Ibu Emir said...

haha kalau tak sedap jangan m arah :)


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