Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just come back from Phuket..

I mean justt came back. My sister YM me and said "eh Kak Long ni tak sabar2 nak online, tido lah dulu"

Oh yes, its 4 am in the morning, blame the Everyone can fly that delayed our flight for 2 hours.

but isnt the Blogging is so tempting?? -- at least for me lah kan..

Of cos will update soon, very very soon, err after Mr. Husband uploads all the pic..

and Happy Mother's Day!! Yeah, itulah hadiahnyer dari Mr. Husband.. :D and Emir has presented two beautiful handmade gifts to his special mom. Again, will upload soon..



Iryani Noor said...

wahhhh p phuket ekk..
bestt nyer...
nnt up pic yer =p..

kirana said...

woooooww gi holiday!!!best2 cepat upload stori pic gedebum2 dari emran

BabyBooned said...

jealoussssss!! hehehehee! but honestly i'm glad u went somewhere awesome. u deserve it after all the stress at work!

cant wait for the holiday stories. happy belated mothers day, mira!


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