Friday, May 01, 2009

Alhamdulillah, finally its over, i mean its over at this point of time even though the deadline for submission to the tax agent has been extended until Sunday, well at least 95% job done. But anyhow, to wrap up, this year was the not-so-good compliance year to remember. I've been dragged to prepare the tax comp up until 5pm on the last day while everyone has started chasing the clients to return back the signed documents. Well, bak kate Naz,

"tanak kacau mira, sebab muke mira dah ketat"

Oh yes, I admit that I was so stressed up for the last two days. Dealing with this one client who refused to let us have the info and I think tak salah jugak if I say, miscommunication between the team members. And at the same time, I have to manage my other clients as well (i.e. including other managers). And I deeply have this feeling, that Im not doing that good as an experience senior especially looking back at some points that I didnt manage to highlight to the managers. Rase macam kecik pulak.

And the best part to remember, my office phone, YM, gtalk, doesnt stop ringing and buzzing asking me how to fill up the form. I tak kisah langsung, since it is one way to stop my brain from working.. :)

And now, yes today is the 1 May, Labor day, I still have to go to the office clearing up my inbox yang dah tak tau berape kali i archive for this one month and waiting for some clients and also FILL UP MY Timesheet. But at least, boleh bangun kul 11 pagi. huhu. Rase kepala ringan sangat bile bangun tido, I dont have to worry what more needs to be done.

Anyway, kesian Emir, even though he doesnt seem to bother, but as a mother, I feel guilty "forcing" him to sleep at 1 or 2 am and the next day going to school at 8 -9 am.. Kesian kan.. Yes, since I balik memang lambat, he would wait for me, rarely he would sleep first unless he was really tired which seriously didnt happen for the past one month.

And it was sad that one of Emran's aunt passed away peacefully after few years battling with breast cancer on the 28th of April in Kulai and I didn't manage at least to let Emran drives all the way to Kulai. yeah, we dont have anyone to look after Emir and my job doesnt permit me to at least lari dua tiga hari or fetch Emir from school at 6pm. But as a Muslim, hadiah paling bermakna is Alfatihah, moga rohnya dicucuri ramhat.. Alfatihah..

and, as a gift of my hardwork, hubby has booked three tickets to ....................... (tengah berusaha ajak Pisah join sekali, eh orang lain pun boleh :p) hehehe..

dia pun enjoy labor day


ayusolo said...

kenapa tidak mau ajak saya...:(...hehehe...

~Mrs Fred~ said...


congrats dpt abeskan keje, although kena keje time weekend.. (I could not imagine myself nanti bila dah ada anak kena keje weekend..*uhuk..) you definitely deserved a reward from hubby.. :)

BabyBooned said...

adoi. parah parah. kesiannya all three of you. well, thank God it's all over for now :)

stay sane, mira! and hope the weekend was good for u.


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