Friday, April 24, 2009

I must, I must, I must jot it here, thats the purpose of having this virtual diary...

Emir is now....

POTTY TRAINED?????????????????????

No no...

MUNTAH trained!!!

is there any such word as vomit trained or whatever it is??

I can easily detect him few minutes before he is going to throw up, and usually I will quickly rush him to the toilet, of course to minimise the time spend mopping the floor and honestly it is not funny to do this when your body is tired yer..

And today, after he had his milk, as usual he would give me one sign face, and that time, we were ready for our bedtime, the conversation was slightly like this

"Emir please emir, jangan muntah kat sini, ibu dukung masuk toilet ok"
but, stubborn him, he wouldnt allow me to touch him

"Emir please please ibu penat ni" and seriously my hand was like "tolong lah tolonglah" sort of thing.

and yes, he laughed ok, yang jahat punyer gelak tu..

then, he jumped off the bed and quickly run to the toilet. You know macam dalam drama swasta tu, gaye-gaye nak muntah. and

Yes.. he vomitted

I told him

"Pandainyer anak ibu, next time nak muntah, masuk toilet ok"

and he just nodded..

well, even though it was the first time, but at least.. ter trainedlah jugak kan...


Cik Kiah said...

good boy,emir!!! *applause*

BabyBooned said...

heuehuheuheueeee... i'm sorry mira i cant help it!! its so funny!!!!!

but... yayyy amir! pandai tahan muntah!!


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