Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I think this picture was freshly taken after Sarah Alyssa was born. My oh my, can u see her hair?? Original ok, if you are thinking this baby comes from a mixed parentage, you are wrong :) Congratulations to Chor and Kak Wanie!! More inspiring story about the arrival of this cute baby -- here

Anyway, I know that the clock is ticking at 2.24 am and im still here, in front of the computer and I too realise that Im working tomorrow. But let me tell you this, I went back home around 9+pm, Emir demanded me to breastfeed him in the car which i refused and mulalah satu cerite.. But guess what, with Emir shouted, cried and whatsoever, I managed to have my dinner without any rushed. Hehehe. Yeah, i ignored him. Then only I consoled him, which took a while also and at last, he slept. The not so best part was, I slept exactly after my dinner and I forgot to drink a glass of water. and 140 baru terjage. So, tak sampai sejam la kan..

Anyway, my question here, is toddler temper tantrum is normal? Emir recently has this temper tantrum all the time. Well, this is seriously something new to us. I understand at this age, he is know trying to show his personality, where more things must be done in his own way. Sometimes, I feel like he has the mothers of all temper tantrums, I do lost my temper sometimes, but most of the time, I managed to take a deep breath and resume my work as normal.

Emir can "perform" his temper tantrum anytime and anywhere. Somtimes in front of the big crowd in the shopping mall, sometimes in the middle of the night and it just cause by a small issue. Like today, he demanded me to bf him in the car, padahal I told him to wait until we reached home (which is about 5 minutes away), mind you, he knows well that we were nearing to our home. Then we parked our car, half way to our house, he screamed and demanded to lock the car, which I refused again. Sebab dah half way, lepas tu, i have to carry him and im tired. Then, masuk je rumah, he wouldnt let me to take off my tudung, and refused to bf (pulak dah). I told him I wanted to eat, and he just repeatedly shouted "Emir tak nak kuku abu - i.e. Emir tanak susu Ibu.., I told him, kalau tak nak, then let me eat. but he against it. Since I was damn starving, so I just peacefully have my dinner. You know what he did, he throw all the things on the table (duit syiling, paper), I makan bungkus je.. and tried to grab my food- to throw it away. He climbed up front left right since I on the other hand, tried to protect my food. And with his long fingernails, he scratched my face.. (sakit woo)

If this is a sign of having a second child syndrome, alhamdulillah lah but, it is not. Im surely it is not. Ini baru satu, banyak lagi cerite. KAlau dekat Tesco, lagi tensen, nak tolak trolly sendiri, i mean the big trolley and hit everyone there. haih.. and with his Papa recently, he insisted to "drive" the car when Papa was driving the car and Papa jentik dia sekuat hati, If not, he forced himself to be on the driver seat. Bahaya tu.
Hmm.. how do you deal with them? Pukul, ignore?, in Emir's case, softly advising him when he is on his tantrum DOES NOT WORK. But the best part, when he is already calm down, he will tell back the story like "adi, Emir want fetch Abu, papa wat Emir, I want car, Papa ched "Emir sheat, Papa aiv, papa.., Emir kai (Translation: Tadi, Emir nak fetch Ibu, Papa buat Emir, Emir nak drive, Papa said, Emir seat, papa drive, lepas tu Emir cry) (suara siap buat suara garau tu, imitating his father yang marah sambil tunjuk the way papa dia jentik dia..)..


a wife, mother and an employee said...

mira, pasal tantrum ni mmg common among toddlers. My son pun kkdg ada masanya dia ngamuk2. Based on what I read on Internet, tantrum ni ada kategori 'severe'. I lupalah mana I dapat the info but antara ciri2 yg lead to severe, as follows:
- the kid cuba cederakan diri sendiri (i.e. tahan nafas sampai muka naik biru, hantuk kepala kat dinding, hempas badan atas lantai, etc)
- mengamuk tanpa henti more than 25 minutes (if not mistaken)

ada lagi rsanya, but dah lupa ler..teruk betui lah me :) kalau kita tak sure, better jumpa doctor lah then describe the behaviour.
For me, bila Asrar Haqqi mengamuk, I just biarkan sampai dia berenti sendiri tp kitaorg monitor lah. Kalau in public pulak, selalunya parents biar je (yg I observe kat sinilah), mmg bisinglah tapi sabar je lah, lagipun other people paham. Yang pasti, diaorang tak pukul.

kirana said...

mira..org kata selalunya budak 2 thn mmg gitu
pengalaman kita lak ek ..
cam aiman kan.dia kalo tak dpt sesuatu..atau apa yg dia buat kite halang..mula la dia nanges sekuat hati..sambil terlentang2 kan badan tu..kat mall pon kdg2 gitu jugak

apa yg kite buat..
1.kalo kesabaran kite terkawal lagi..kite gi peluk2 dia..ckp sygg2 aiman..pastu dia pon senyap la...

2.kalo kite tak sabar ..kite sama naik marah lagi..hih suara mmg high pitch la..pastu nnt dia lagi kuat nanges..pastu kite igore jer..pastu nnt dia senyap dtg sendiri

3.kite bg option kat dia..mcm kalo dia nk sesuatu..tak der ke time tu..atau tak sesuai ngn dia ke..saye cuba bg option..tu kira ok jugak la..dia leh angguk paham..

Ibu Emir said...

ariffah: is english people treat the kids that way? i kadang2 honestly tangan i angkat jugak.. geram.. sebab kalau tak bertindak secare agresif, makin berlemak lah dia.. but of cos, its not pukul sekuat hati.. pukul sayang gitu but it is enough to make him to tone down his voice.

3. ana: Emir tengok ape dia demand, bab2 peluk ni kalau kate bapak dia buat dia, mak dia pujuk then makan saman, kalau kite buat, or dia nak demand pade kite, and we tried to console him.. jangan harap lah..

tapi rase betul jugak , lagi kite bengang lagi dia naik..

a wife, mother and an employee said...

so far yg i nampak sendiri, kes budak2 ngamuk in public, the parents tak pukul, diaorang tegurlah and then biar je sampai stop. maybe sebab bila ada kes pukul anak ni, parents boleh kena tindakan. for example, bila anak kita cedera (lebam, luka, etc) kat rumah or nursery, boleh jadi kes polis. macam my son terhantuk kat table tu, diaorang tanya details about the incident.parents tak antar anak ke sekolah pun boleh masuk penjara.

chess..hehehe..panjg pulak comment..tapi ada org berpengalaman cakap, kalau nak pukul anak pun, bagus tepuk kat kaki dia (bawah lutut) tp bukan lah pukul kuat sampai lebam.

BabyBooned said...

mira, i tried to comment haritu takleh plak. i forgot if i've wished u happy belated birthday. so... happy belated birthday! dang.. u're still young.

anyways, gib pun temper tantrum jugak nowadays. i just simply biar je tapi kalau dah sampai sakit sangat tulang belakang i ni, hmff habih lah kena tengking dgn suara ibu-mertua-ku punya category. anyways, si wanie tu is my friend punya close friend. what a small world.

Ibu Emir said...

Babybooned: Thanks ya.. Yeah, im still young but i couldnt erase the fact like im look older than my age hehehe

Eh, i pun kadang2 sangat garang dengan Emir, i think i jerit lagi banyak compared to the father.. Oo so u know Wanie is it? she is Ira / Didik's sister in law (my second cousin).. small world kan

ain said...

cutenyer perut ujie..brape bulan tu?


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