Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have attended two Kenduris in one day.. Then, guess what, after the kenduris, went straight to my second home -- MY Office.. :(

Anyway, congratulations to Usamah & Wife, and Zamuni and Nadia.. One thing i love to attend the kenduri is this is only way, I can reunite back with my relatives and friend.

Usamah is my ex school mate since we were in Taman Melawati. Then he went to MRSM PC while I went to MRSM Jasin. When I was in UTP, my roommate always talked bout this girl, Mek (sorry Samah aku lupe name bini ko :p) like I knew her for years. And out of sudden, one fine day at Jusco, Usamah "spot" me chasing my son at Jusco Wangsa Maju. And when we were talking, honestly I didnt concentrate that much since the girl besides him seems to familiar to my eyes until she introduced her name and wah-la, I got shocked of my life. Yelah kan. its a small world man..


Then we went to another kenduri in Keramat. She was my ex-colleague way back in Stamford and she was my kaki everywhere i go. After a lot of hard time, she found her sweet heart which she met via Internet (yeay, another person after me). I think those who are PTD knows who her husband is.

Ina, another kaki of mine with her son Adam Jibrail.

With Azreen and Milah

With Ujie!! tengok Ujie macam tak percaye je dia mengandung hehehhe... Oh, Ujie is my kaki to go for shopping mase i kat UTP dulu..

p/s sorry lah gambar berterabur, malas nak susun :D


im_an_ibu said...

best2 gi wedding.... sbb i want 2 c the deco n also the bride's dress... n berangan2 kalo ade wedding dress gitu. eceh, mcm blum kawen jek...

nolee said...

WOOHOO.. lama btul tak dgr citer uji.

Ibu Emir said...

yeah, hari tu dengan dia pun kejap2 gitu je borak, sebab dia dah on the way nak balik Kelantan


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