Monday, March 02, 2009

Have you watched this movie?? In my point of view, this would be the best Malaysian film ever produced. I bet even Prof Madya, Yusof Haslam, David Teoh kalah teruk.. Honestly, Ive never watched Upin dan Ipin before, but after we watched it at Cinema, I bukak je YouTube suruh Emir tengok Upin dan Ipin. At least we have Malay story that shows Malay elements. Tak de perkataan Bodoh ke ape.. And I still couldnt understand why Astro Ceria is still showing Adi dan Ayah. I really dont like it, it is totally not us. Tak pergi sekolah, kene keje, sebab kene tolong mak, and the friends helped. Sakit, jumpe bomoh, bomoh pakai keris, what the !@#$%#$%..

And this is the second time, Emir @ cinema, His first time was Madagascar 2 and he slept half way but this time around, he was not. Mate terbeliak. We did snap a pic but as usual I dunno where Mr Husband save it since we have 3 laptops. heheh..

Ok, for the first time..

dont buy pirated Geng, kesian depa ni buat penat2 3d.. cerite nyer best, worths every cents ok..


p/s Hari ni saya MC.. panjang ceritenyer


nolee said...

amatlah susah nak dapat tiket citer nih.. aku dah tgk arituh thanks to a friend's husband yang minat citer nih.. hahaha. thumb up!!

Anazam said...

Two Thumbs UP!!!!!

BabyBooned said...

ini yg rasa gatal nak bawak gib pegi movies for the first time ni. should i....???

and yes i too dislike adi dan ayah!

Ibu Emir said...

yes two thumbs up!! babyBooned!! please please bring Gib to watch Upin dan Ipin.


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