Thursday, February 19, 2009

A message to Farah,

"Err,gambar tak leh upload gambar.. kenape yer, sebab ni laptop lain.. :D"

Anyway, 14 February was not just any other day for Amin & Asrah (hub's cousin). It was the BIG and special day for both of them. The solemnization was held at surau near to Asrah's house in Banting. And wow!! since both of them work in PETRONAS, I could see quite a number of familiar faces. yeah UTP students.

What I like about Asrah ( I heard people calling her Ayu).is that she has this beautiful eyes and the camera just loves her. Congratulations!!

Nikah | Amin & Asrah 15 Feb 09

Nikah | Amin & Asrah 15 Feb 09

More picture of Amin & Asrah here

The week before, during long Thaipusan weekend, we went to Bird's Park. The last time I went there was three years back when I have to accompany Hubby to snap Birds pictures for the photography competition and he won Consolation Prize. Well, that was the last time he participated. Unlike me,I will contest till I drop bebeh,

And that day Emir was seriously the Drama King!! He is no longer following my rules, and all he wanted was his own say. Leaving me behind with the angry Ibu! If I refused to follow what he wanted, it will result his temper tantrum and guess what, we have to do this "Ulang Tayang". Ulang tayang here means repeat the same process until he satisfied.

Anyway, he did enjoy himself especially when two birds attacked my husband!! Since im using the old laptop, tak dapat lah nak upload gambar.. I think Emir was amazed watching all the unscared birds. Burung burung tu buat bodooo je.. hehehe

KL Bird Park | Silly bird at my head

Oh and I love this picture. :D

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Anonymous said...

ujung minggu nie aku, farid ngan adek2 aku nk p bird park nie.. ngehehhe.. thanx to ur blog... ada gak aktiviti ujung minggu yg kitorg leh buat =p....
(yani@Mrs Farid)


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