Thursday, January 01, 2009

Selamat Tahun Baru

"2009, kite aim tinggi-tinggi ok. Emir punyer aim nak ikut atok terbang tinggi !!"

2008 has been a wonderful year for me. I have learnt a lot throughout the year by learning more definition of life, tolerance and respect. The ups or happier moment thought me to be grateful and thankful for the love that Allah has sent to me while the down side, I ve learnt that everything is Allah will no matter how hard we tried to push it.

The 5 star great achievement in the year 2008 was to see Emir's development. This young man has put the biggest smile on my face. Every day is a new world to him and its a new day for me to learn more on parenthood. I couldnt manage to jot down every single development of Emir as it would took me ages to type it. Sending him to school is a wise decision despite of having an objection from my mom in the beginning after the run away maid story.

and yes, in the beginning of the year, I remember that we managed to settled most of our debts. I mean credit cards debts which haunted us for years. Thanks to hubby cos he is willing to spend his extra money to pay our debts. Nasib baik la mase tu encik suami tak suke camera lagi, huhuhu. I didnt deny that I still have credit card debts but it is still manageable and under control.

About my work life. Seriously, 2008 was not so promising. I felt depressed and at one point I was so demotivated. Honestly, my heart was not there anymore even though I do received a good cash every month. But it doesnt mean I did not commmit with my work. I still do. Kalau tak takkan boss sanggup naikkan lagi gaji i kan. But It was so hard to work when your mind is elsewhere. I know my hubby will not comfortable if im writing about my work, (takut boss i bace) but at least he knows how bad I frustated with my job. Oh ya, some may wonder why I didnt apply for another job, but due to some circumstances, I have to stop eyeing for another job.

Next, usaha tangga kejayaan untuk second baby sangatlah tidak berjaya. Trust me, saya sangat frust ok. But im not stressed. At least I already have Emir. Mungkin rezeki tak de lagi.

Then, abought losing my weight. Err.. can I pass ?? Hahahaha Obviously lagi tak berjaya.. For 2009, I just aim to eat healthily.

My family. I have learnt to appreciate my family more and try to spend quality time as much time possible with them cos we will never know what will happen to us in the future.

My friends. Having a good friends around you makes you feel a better person. Alhamdulillah, my best friends Hana and Yani kawin in the year 2008 and now Hana is expecting. Im not sure with Yani cos I have lost contact with her eversince she is married. Next, my colleagues at my office. Thanks for sharing laughter and tears. and of cos dear readers, for reading my blog and tidak memanjangkan cerite. huhu.

My relationship with Allah. 2008 malu sangat. Alhamdullillah Allah still give me a chance to breath in 2009. I will ensure that in the year 2009 my relationshuip with the Almighty is closer and closer. InsyaAllah.

Of course, there are some obstacles that I faced in the year 2008 but very minimal and I can say it hs been a splendid smooth year for me.

and last but not least, may Allah helps the innocent people of Gha*za and show the humanity the right path of peace and justice. Luangkan lah mase untuk kita berdoa untuk mereka di sana. Amin..

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ayusolo said...

happy new year tak tau nak wat list cenggini sebab tak tau aper lah yg telah kucapai....hehehe...


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