Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kisah bile saya dan keluarga saya tinggal di rumah ibu saya

About staying at my mum's house

Yes, it has been almost three months since our little family (hubby, me and little emir) "moved" to my mum house. The idea came in one afternoon when I asked my hubby was it possible to stay a month at my mum's house during Ramadhan and out of sudden, he agreed with the idea.

For the first week travelling from Ampang to Damansara, we have been mentally tortured by the heavy traffic and of cos, the fuel cost. Hubby has persuaded me to move back to our house on the second week of puasa but I keep it silence and mum.

Honestly, the reason was, sahur!! I dont mind rushing back home and cooked for mr. Husband but yeah, I do mind waking up a bit earlier in the wee hour of morning for sahur especially thinking that I have to clean up all the mess and even worst, kesabaran membangunkan laki aku sendiri. Patient is a must, if not he will scream at me even though I have tried to wake him up for almost an hour.

And for some reasons, we are still there in Kemensah. We missed to invite our relatives and friends to come over to our house for Hari Raya and this is FAQ

"kenape duduk rumah mama"

.. and I have only one simple answer

"saje.. best, tidur senang, makan senang, gaduh pun kurang"

Why? If I am at home, I do need some help from my husband. I can easily become irritated seeing him sleeping, reading the newspaper, repairing his camera or glued in front of the computer while I am cooking. He could help mandikan emir ke, kemas sikit-sikit ke, basuh baju or anything yang boleh lembuktkan hati but err...

Emir on the other hand, he needs someone to play with him and mr. husband, once he is at "work", he cannot be "touched". If I requested for extra hands, I have to wait for another extra extra minutes / hours which resulted me getting annoyed and membebel and this is where the good day ends..

and this is definitely unnecessary stress..

But here at my mum's house, I have more ample time. The food is ready, I can cook whereever I feel I like to and the siblings who I can give more "instructions".

But, for some people, they simply say

"eh ape ni, dah ade rumah sendiri pun nak duduk ngan mak"

eh kawan, suke hati la kan. my mother is living in Kl, near to my office and she appreciates a lot better if Im staying with her. She has a friend to talk, more secure since my hubby is around, my son has a lot of "friends" to play with, or in other words SHE DOESNT MIND at all. So please stop questioning with that kind of uncomfortable remarks as if I seorang yang sangat pemalas.

If I seorang yang sangat pemalas pun, whats your problem, my hubby still loves me. Im enjoying myself to the max. and hey, I can cook FAR more better than you or FAR more better than your wife. Im a cooking wife, I dont trust outside food. Kalau makan luar, it is just Im lazy to cook or my hubby tired to listen to my ceramah tak berbayar.

"eh mira, ko ni nak senang jer"

Eh apahal. Semua orang hidup nak senang la, tak de sape nak hidup susah. Kalau boleh semua orang tanak keje tapi duit masuk, tapi rule of thumb tak macam tu. You earn when you work hard. But this one kesenangan yang Allah beri kat i, I have my mum near to me and she will be going somewhere in the next few months and for sure I will will miss miss her a lot. I tak pernah separated with her this far in my entire life. No more nak senang lenang macam ni. In a next few months, I have to do everything on my own. Thinking what to do if my son's sick. Where should I park myself during the weekends and where to put my son when I want to "escape" for my own time.

Maybe you all senang part lain, maybe you dont have to work hard cos the money is already ready for you. You tak payah fikir macam mane nak bayar rumah, macam mane nak bayar kerete. Maid u baik tak buat hal. Semua rezeki masing masing.. and above is my rezeki..

"eh kenape marah sangat ni"

Entah, bengang kot..

"so bile nak balik rumah sendiri"

Entah, tapi rindu jugak. Rindu nak bersilat balik kat rumah tu. Rindu nak buat keje tak henti-henti. Rindu rindu rindu.. Tapi hubby pun relax jer.. Hati dia pun tenang.. Nak nak banyak bukit kat melawati tu :) Tengok la hubby bile dia setuju nak ..... rumah.

"tapi kalau lame you kat rumah mak u, gemuk laa you sebab relax banyak sangat"

Tak jugak, emir dah nakal, tak duduk diam, exercise kat situ jugak la. Anyway, memang i dah gemuk pun, so buat macam mane still gemuk..

"Bile nak diet"

Ni topik lain ni, will update later.. :)


kirana said...

bestnya dia mak dok dekat....mcm saye ni jauh di utara nun..nk bermalasan sket balik umah mil laaa..hehe leh ler rileks2 sket..

Ibu Emir said...

kan kan.. bile mak duduk dekat, kite pun akan senang sikit.. :)

Cik Kiah said...

kalau aku ada anak,aku nak hantar kat mak aku je...hahaha...provided dia dah pencen lah...adik2 aku pun ada...taklah diorg sunyi kat rumah sebab ada budak kan?pastu balik rumah aku weekend kan?

p/s:berangan b4 kawin n ada anak...esok2 lain pulak cite ;-p

noorina said...

Betul kak mira, sume ni rezeki masing2. ada yg mak jauh, tp babysitter/maid sgt ok.. ada yg husband rajin tlg mengemas/masak/membasuh..
saya pon skang antar Fatin ke rumah mak hari2..biar la ape org nak kata, menyusahkan mak la whatsoever, dr bagi duit kat maid/babysitter.. baik bagi duit kat mak sendiri. Hati pon senang, petang balik bole terus mkn rumah mak..hehe.. just hujung bulan, hulur lebih je la :P

Farah Wahidda said...

btul mira.dok umah mak lg best.kite pon klu bleh dah kawin nnt nak dok dgn mak. hehe..lg teruk kite ni

Ibu Emir said...

tambah-tambah kite ni perempuan, lagi lah nak dekat dengan mak kite..

BabyBooned said...

lantak je mira, ignore all those ppl. its our business nak tinggal kat mana and to decide how we live. not as if we depend on these ppl for our money or daily survival! live your life as you want and be happy!

Ibu Emir said...

yeah true, actually i can just ignored them, tapi kan memang best betul dapat cakap ikut sukati kite kat blog ni :)

~Mrs Fred~ said...


lucky you ur mum is living nearby. im so not lucky coz my mom is far2 away but still lucky enuff to have a loving husband yg sgt rajin tolong I.. hehe.. lebih2 lagi time pregnant ni, I just masak and he'll do the rest. Alhamdulillah.

So it is true, masing2 punya rezeki kan. Allah is fair!


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