Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Best Friend Wedding

Iryani is a best friend of mine during my secondary school. I was alone when I first step into Melaw*ati as I came from Amp*ang. She was seated next to me and we were good friends till then. That time, I was still living in Amp*ang J*ya and her house became my second house.

But after Form 3, we went to separate ways, she has moved to JB n I continued my Form 4 at J*asin. And we still contacted each other, I went to Johor once to meet her (ok ok, not her, Mr. Husband, rumah dia jadi tempat tido).

And now,she is back to KL, the same house and we often meet to chitchatting. And last Sunday, was her BiG day with Farid. Am soo happy to see my closest friend end her single life with a broad broad smile. She was smiling all the way. And my oh my, I really adore her makeup, her hantaran (specially made by the mother) and the baju as well. Gosh, it seems that I like everything on her on that day.

Dengan bukan satu, bukan dua, tetapi TIGA :p kali akad, Nur Iryani Mohd Nor selamat menjadi isteri kepada Farid. Mase tu tak de camera man pun snap gambar Yani buat muke, I gelak habis ok.. Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu. More pictures dekat Emran nyer Flickr (ada high resolution) atau terus main slideshow die and Facebook Emran yer..


iryani lob said...

betul baju die sgt cantik.Suka dengan design die especially lengan baju:) Hantaran pon cantekk..and she look so pretty and happy

nolee said...

sekarang mmg pesen lengan baju begitu.. hv seen a few brides with that kind of lengan baju. kinda interesting.. hmmm.... tapi mmg cantik wedding iryani ini.. memula mati-mati ingat iryani lob.


Ibu Emir said...

ani: chantikk u, dengan dia kurus, ade shape lagi, nanti time u i recommend ok.. :)

nolee: so nolee ape lagi.. eh kalau iryani lob tak panggil ko kenduri, ko sembelih je die.. kehkehkeh

BabyBooned said...

ooh yes everything looked fantastic! esp. the bride, just glowing with happiness ;) congrats to the newlyweds!

Ibu Emir said...

yeah, lawa kan dia, she smiles all the way


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