Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emir @ 2 years 4 months

I think it has been quite a while I ignored Emir's development in this blog. Emir, every single steps that you take, and every single word that you say, I always keep that in my mind. Sometimes, when I feel tired and depressed about certain things, I will capture your face in the air, with your warm broad cheeky smile. It just that recently, I swim into this sales blog and Ibu allocate more times on the net to do some marketing.

2 years 4 months. Cepatnyer. From small tiny little bean, now you are 12kg (as of last week). You hurt your papa's hard drive but you give smile to every faces in Kemensah Heights. Let me summarize his progress:-

1. He loves to eat, sebijik macam parents dia.. This picture was taken when he insists to eat the whole Big*Mac

2. More words, more vocabs but still catching up.. Kalau ambik barang dia "Its mine", Nampak Citra "Papa's car", Nampak Ria "Mama's Car", Kalau jatuh "Emir Aak", Kalau gatal "Nyamuk gigit", Kalau tanye Emir nak pergi sekolah tak, he will answer "No, stay with Ibu".. But he tries to speak more, then all the German language will come out heheh..

3. Makin nakal, tak boleh tinggal sikit pun. Kalau tak habis!! he is restless, but quite in action, so it even more dangeroues for us kan :) He climbs, panjat tangge sendiri naik atas, already quite a norm tu us.. jumping here and there pun same.. anyhow.. I like

4. He is now know how to socialize with his peers. Ini adalah berkat duduk nursery.

5. Bile tanye Emir nak baby? He will say "Noo" but if I asked,Emir nak friend , then he will nod his head.. So how how :0

6. He is sooooooooo into me which I am proud and geram at the same time. Nak basuh po-po pun nak ibu, nak mandi nak ibu, bangun tidor nak ibu, nak main ngan ibu, nak main komputer pun suruh ibu.. sonok laa papa dia..

7. Computer freak, several occasion Hubby and Emir bergaduh.. Im telling you, both of them are total kids especially yang paling tua tu. Dua dua keras kepala and tanak beralah.. So end up, usually the father will scream at me to pick him up (time ni selalu ibu bengang laa). Emir knows how to switch off/on the comp and pasang cabel semua ok..

8. and still a BIG fan of POCOYO!!

cukup lah kan.. I love you Emir.. dunno how my life gonna be without you


iryani said...

bess die makan McD.Boleh buat iklan berger free kan bile-bila..wanna visit u.tak sempat pon hari tu kan

Ibu Emir said...

u, kena call dulu, i kan bz attend open houses before i go for my diet rules kehklehkeh

dee_dee said...

soooooooo cute..

ayusolo said...

soo cute lah emir...bilerlah aunty farra nie dpt jumpa emir lg kan...:)

BabyBooned said...

love the bigmac picture! best betol tgk si kenit makan

anyway, its great that he's talking a lot, mira! german tu biasa lah kan? hahahahaha

bb said...



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