Sunday, September 28, 2008


Pictures above were taken during Emir's First year Hari Raya and Second year Hari Raya. Same position, same person, nothing big change for Papa and Ibu but Emir.. how time flies. I remember on his first year of Hari Raya, he was a bit cranky, second year of hari raya, he already knows how to walk and we can easily calmed him by asking Emir to look at Ayam, Ikan, Kucing, etc

This year, we are planning to move a lot, visit more relatives, and not to miss good foods. I promised after hari raya I will try my best to cut my meals and to achieve xxkg by the end of this year. I know my hubby will laugh at me..

Hari Raya is the same word but different definition in terms of how we celebrate it. When I was first time celebrated it with my in laws, terkejut sebab takyah sibuk2 dekat dapur since my MIL only bought and ordered the foods. Unlike my mum, my oh my, masak tak berenti-renti sampai penat jugak lah. Lagi ramai orang datang lagi banyak masak and she will scold me if I served my guest with only kuih raya. But this year, my mum a bit merajuk cos my dad cut down her pandan leaves. She told me she just want to cook Nasi tomato and kuah kacang, To that, i will cook the Rendang ayam.

Next, in terms of visiting our relatives. With my in laws we can visit at least 7 houses per day. Banyak tu. with my mum, 2 houses dah great achievement!! So what hubby and I will do, we will follow them in separate car, keh keh keh. Tak larat woo, my mum is type of person if u go to any house, we have to clean up the table and wash the plates and usually we (my siblings) always argue especially who is going to wash. haha. But now, since my dad is not that fit anymore, he will ask my hubby to drive the car.

I guess these two are the most significant different that I can encounter. But the similarity between my family and my in laws - we eat a lot and we dont mind to eat again and again. Tak yah malu malu.

Anyway, I promised to myself if i get promoted, I will buy something for my son. Here it goes, I bought a bicycle for him yesterday and he was really really excited. Makan basikal , tidur basikal.


kak umei said...

kak umei dan keluarga juga mengucapkan selmat hari raya aidilfitri.maaf zahir batin.

Farah Wahidda said...

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin! :)

dott said...

Mira, i spot a different in those two pictures, this raya you are slimmer.. (you lost weight?)

Selamat Hari Raya, Mira, Emran and Emir.. Wow Emir dah pandai kauh basikal.. Aidan got a mtor from his grandma..masih tak tahu nak guna, dia cuma duduk and gerakkan kaki huhu

Ibu Emir said...

Selamat Hari Raya everyone..

err dot,, gambar tu one in 2006, satu lagi 2007, 2oo8 belum lagi.. hhehehe.. :p


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