Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lantern festival @ Emir's Nursery

Before that, guess what, our laptop has been found!!! Syukur Alhamdulillah. BUT!!!!!!! the funny story begins here. My dear husband has shown that he is no longer 27 years young but he is 27 years old. HE HAS FORGOTTEN That he has left his lappy.. AT HIS BOSS'S ROOM!! All the while he thought that he lost it in one of his class.

Anyway, its not easy ya when I have to maintain two blogs at one time but then again, Im loving it to bits. Even my mum also is excited to share her views and she even browse to other websites just to get extra tips for me.

Yesterday, Emir's Nursery organized Lantern Festival. The night started with the performance by the 4-6 years old group. I can see that each one of them has put much effort especially in memorizing the chinese song.

Thereafter, we walked around the area with our lantern. Exciting since this was my first experience especially to join with other parents. Im more happy because Kak Didik and her little Mia sudi meluangkan mase bersama dengan Emir..

Here are some the pictures.

and since hubby brought all his camera equipments, other parents thought that he ws the cameraman hired by the school. kehkehkeh

Performance by 4-6 years old kids

Some of the eager parents

Dua kenit checking their lantern


She has a strong hands. Mia nak berdukukung jer


ywinnie said...

Answerred prayers ^^ Glad that em manage to find back the lappy :) Happy Lantern festival to u and family and not to forget Selamat Berpuasa too (miss d time sahur and buka puasa with you gals ^^)

BabyBooned said...

wahhh kuatnya si ira tu dok mendukung mia!! kalau i dah sah pengsan tengah jalan. love the pictures. u and emir look so cute together (betol betol like mother like son in terms of looks)

Mama Shazzy said...

Alhamdulillah..sib baik ader lappy tu..hihihi..biasalah usia2 cam kite ni skang pun dah cepat lupa...

cam seronok je nursery emir tu..kt ner ek ? drg amik baby tak jaga?..kalau ader contact no. drg nanti mira email la bitau eh..(cam bahaya pulak kalau reveal info ni kt blog takut ader stalker ke ape nanti..)

my email:

/me tgh carik lg nursery utk Hafiz..dah jumpa 1, tp drg cam tak cukup staff skang nak handle budak..

Emran Mohd Tamil said...

& tq winnie!

Ibu Emir said...

yeah, i miss the time sahur too.. actually not even sahur, those times that we were together .. :(

babybooned: tu laa kesian dia, blame the husband hahahah -- sorry yer kak didik :p

mama shazzy: ok mira dah email.. check nya

dott said...

Laa.. Emran! huhuh wat happened lar..

Glad you guys found it! baru jer ingat nak call Mira console console.. huhuh

Ibu Emir said...

itulah dott, thats what we call My MAN

ira said...

haha nah,blame to mia lah!lazy bum nye budak...hehehe

thanks mira for inviting me!
totally enjoyed myself.wish could stay longer.:)

ibu Emir said...

heheh.. mia penat kot.. tak pun sebab jumpe Emir.. control cun kehkehkeh

drtamil said...

hahahahaha. Glad to hear the good news.

Ibu Emir said...

amin!!! see see ur younger brother, getting older than his age :D

Marliza Radzi. said...

sungguh fun nursery itu

Ibu Emir said...

agak best jugak lah :)


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