Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Er*nst & Y*oung Sen*ior Sc*hool AP*AC 2008

Picture worth a thousand words..

During our country presentation. Yerp, we presented dikir barat. Actually, we are being forced by our partner to perform dikir barat. Its not easy especially none of us are well versed with dikit barat. But anyway, we did a great job, our performance has become a nightmare to other participants as the lyrics kept repeating in their mind. Guess what, I wrote the lyrics. Actually, it just the eloboration of Jong jong inai. :)

During our first dinner. Cocktails with the managers. And of course, we dint mix around with them, we used this time to make friends with other participants.

On a group discussion

Second night - Dinner at T*op H*at. The journey took us nearly two hours to reach there. The organiser had arranged The Amazing Race but to us, luckily it was raining heavily, but we still had to play with the Plan B which is Treasure Hunt inside the restaurant. My group kalah teruk, so we had to perform over and over again. But at least, so much fun

Third night - we brought some of them to SS2 for durian hunting. i couldnt believe they had browsed and craving for durian. But again, the durian there was so damn expensive, anyway, the Japanese paid for it hahaha since they had the most money :p

and of cos - they were amazed with this roti tisu

Our partners dancing their heart out!! hehe..

All of us..

Anyway, i enjoyed my days there. Great experience. Great opportunities. Great exposure..

Btw, i tak balik rumah for four days since we had very tight schedule. My heroes? Well, i would say mr. Husband has done a great job!! Emir, he managed to stay without his fave girl, but of cos la kan papa dia kate asyik panggil Abu abu.. I know he missed me.. Will blog about their activities later.. Till then.. Tadaa

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kirana said...

suka roti tisu!

owh mira sila amik tugasan di blog saye yerr...tq


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