Monday, August 04, 2008

Emir @ 2 years old and 1 month

Cerite satu

My neighbour is now nervously waiting for her BIG day (how r u? are u OK?), so last Saturday, I went to her house to "check" for her preparation. I leave Emir with my family, but after half an hour, my mum came and Emir was with her.

Emir, he was not like before, he is kinda very brave now. He was so engrossed with the toys and other stuff arounds him...which is a GOOD thing. Also, he is no longer afraid with the stranger but always jual mahal.

Anyway back to the story, my mum brought along pisang goreng to my neighbour's house. My mum and the auntie talked outside the house while the future bride and me were chit chatting inside the house. I shouted to Emir (he was playing elsewhere)..

Ibu: Emir pisang pisang
Emir: Running towards pisang. (Pisang goreng dekat mak i)..

U know what, he thought I was asking him to get pisang for me. So Emir dengan bersungguhnya bawak pisang dalam pinggan dekat mak dia. Ok fine.

Emir: Eat.. eat..

I didnt eat since I was full. So my neighbour happily followed Emir's instruction. As she was about to eat, Emir quickly grabbed the pisang..

And screamed..


.. and passed it to his Ibu..

Oh man, buat malu ibu je..


When we were having our lunch/dinner, we loved to tease Emir / ask Emir a lot of questions (Ok, thats tell us why he really slow in eating - ye laa asyik kene kacau). So yesterday my mum / hubby asked Emir

Papa/Wan(my mum): Emir, emir, mane Papa
Emir: Pa.. pa.. (Pointed to Papa)
Papa/Wan: Mane Ika
Emir: Ka.. ka.. (Pointed to my youngest sister.. Ika)
Papa/Wan: Mane Mama
Emir: Ma.. ma.. (Pointed to my mum)
Papa/Wan: Mana cik yah
Emir: (He smiles sheepishly but pointed to my sister Cik Yah). FYI, cik yah is very annoyed if Emir called her Cik Yah

Ibu: Mane Abang
Emir: Pa.. pa.. (he pointed to Papa)
Papa: Mane Ayang..
Emir: (He was silence for a while.. until he pointed to...)

Scroll down..

To his plate with full of rice and.. Actually he pointed to


Oh ya, there was a chicken in his plate.

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