Saturday, August 02, 2008

At 1.24am

Its been a while for me to touch this keypad at this late hours. While im writing, I started to realize that some of the to do list that I have to skip for quite some time. Am not so sure is it because motherhood things or, it just me - lazy mummy.. Well let me explain

1. I think im getting lazy to update my blog regularly. I would rather visit another blog, read and then browse to another blog, and worst.. this only could be done in the office.. Sorry boss.. Why

a. Emir would loves to join me typing
b. I would rather spend my time with the boys rather than glued in front of the laptop
c. But actually i dont have much time to blog. Usually, after I have done my housechores, I am tired and all I want is a good sleep.

Yeah, i never thought one day, i would join other career mummy without a maid. Exhausted, agreed. Bukak tudung, tak duduk terus buat keje sampailah Emir nak tido. Even today, I promised to myself after Emir and hubby off to bed, I nak kemas rumah but... I couldnt resist the temptation of this wide open laptop. So there it goes, kelam kabut la esok nampaknya.

And that is the reason why I love to stay overnight at my parent's house during the weekend. All I need to worry about is to feed Emir, the rest i pass the burden to my mum :p.

Some would ask why I choose not to stay at my parent's house. First and foremost, I want to have some space where i can learn more about parenthood and marriage life. and not to forget, boleh berkeadaan yang sangat seksi menyeksi sesuke hati :p.

I remember after i got married, my mum was the busiest person to hunt for a house nearby. And after all the proposals, i dunno how we agreed to accept to buy a link house in Melawati which cost RM172K. We have paid the deposit and the legal fees, but we revoke the agreement and we lost around rm3K-RM5K.

I know my mother was upset, but my dad was otherwise. He advise us that it is better to loose RM3K rather than RM172K. But a month after, we bought a small condo near Mines. That time, i guess we were shortminded and we realize..

after Emir was born, I found the reason why my mum wants us to live nearby. Easier for me and easier for her too. But yeah, i think our current house not that far rite compared to Balakong :) But I missed the mum's company.

Ok ok, macam mane boleh masuk cerite pasal rumah ni. :p

2. Dress up, make-up.. I couldnt remember when was the last time I bought baju for myself. Enough said, im tired to go to one outlet after another but nothing fit my XL size. I bought a jean in February tapi kene curi dengan Warsi tu, benci betul. Maybe last hari raya baju kurung. Thats all. As a young woman (im 26 okay), of cos I would love to see myself more presentable, I mean sesuai dengan umur laa kan. I think i already looks like early 30s sebab ramai yang terkejut bile tau im just 26.

Make up.. Dress up tak, make up ape tah lagi kan.. dan saya sangat tawar hati nak beli barang makeup... Lipstick is enough for me.

..and my shopping spree is more on Emir and barang-barang rumah..

3. Catch up on latest DVDs. I know, this seems quite impossible. Maybe bile Emir dah pandai buat keje sendiri that i can watch sesukek hati...

Hubby told me pandai-pandai lah bahagikan mase. but i just dunno how.

Ok, off.. Emir merengek

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