Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zoo Negara - Part 2

When i was a young lady (err im still young ok), I always told others that how I wish to have a bubbly son/daughter. Naughty but obedient. And yes, my siblings would remind me that my prayer has been answered. Sometimes always, Emir ignores my words.

Back to Zoo Negara trip, that day, hubby went to pick up our son before me, I forced my hubby to fetch me first so that I would have a chance to ask Emir's teacher. but as usual driver i ni memang tak dengar cakap i.

So, in the car, this excited mother eagerly asked Emir a lot of questions, but eversince he didnt know how to tell a story, so this was our conversation:

Ibu: Emir, emir naik train tadi ya
Emir: (angguk)
Ibu: Emir nampak bird
Emir: (angguk)
Ibu: Emir nampak elly (elly (one of Pocoyo's character. The elephant))
Emir: (angguk)
Ibu: Emir nampak tiger
Emir: (angguk)

and the conversation continues..

I was not that confidence when Emir was just nodded until I asked him this question

Ibu: Emir nampak Pocoyo
Emir: (geleng kepala)

Tahu pulak. To me, i know he knows what he has seen but it just hard for him to explain and share with us.

So the next day, I asked Emir's teacher. The teacher said that Emir was behaved (surprised me ok) and happily looked at all the animals. His fave animals were Giraffe and Elephants (according to the teacher-laa). Emir was paired with this young girl about his age named Shakirah. Both of them were well behaved. No strollers, and they had to walk until 1pm, so that tell us why Emir was so exhausted on that day.

That was the only info the teacher told us. Nothing more. But the teacher said that Emir enjoyed the trip..


Hubby off to BTN today but we had err argument this morning. For my record, he said SORRY. FYI, Encik Emran sangat susah nak cakap sorry walaupun dia salah. I couldnt remember when was the last time he said sorry. Sometimes it hurts when he always think that he is right. But anyway, since today he said sorry, that would definitely lighten up my day..

So encik husband, sometimes little things can help ur wife feels better.


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