Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Satu lagi cerita..

Alfatihah untuk nenek sedara (my late grandma's sis) - Pah Wah yang meninggal dunia pagi tadi di Ijok.

and again.. 2008 is not a so good year to my family, one of my uncle is admitted to the hospital for unknown disease...

one of my good friend back in St*mfor*d is getting married with someone big in the government post. congrats!!

All in all, life goes on, we learn to appreciate on what we have and to be closer to the Almighty.


As a young mother, and to be the first mother among your friend is something meaningful but apart from that, I have to learn a lot of things. Of cos I do have a mother but the way we want to raise our own blood i must admit it would be a bit different from our mother.

Plus point, my mum is a career woman. During her time, she has her own mother (my grandma) and her grandma (great grandma) to take care of her and us (my siblings). So, lucky for her cos she doesnt has to worry about who will be monitoring her kids. And another thing, again until now, I have this big envied with my own mum. Ahah.. Yeah during her confinement period. My opah and nenek taking care of her really really well. With barut, rempah, daun-daun, urut, tangas, herbs.. You named it. Even we (our family jauh dan dekat) knows how strict my opah and nenek at that time.

During my time, yes, my mum did the same thing, but as a modern mum she was not that strict. She did gave some advice but she just let me eat whatever I wished, it was just me to control my eating habit. And of cos, c-sect was the best reason why she couldnt applied the same to me. Sebab itulah my baby fat is still here, and there was not so many improvements on my fat after my confinement period.

Back to my story, as a young mother, i read alot, repeat a lot.. I have to since I didnt have any close friends to ask around. But i enjoyed more reading other mother's experience through blogging cos it is a real life story. Thanks for those who invented blogger cos i received a lot of information from it.

And here, i make a lot of friends. From virtual friend we are becoming good friends. We are becoming closer, of cos all of them are older than me.. hahahaha.. but we are in the same boat as most of us were waiting for our first child arrival.

And now, after two years ada yang dah bertambah ade yang belum. Mine, ok i have no idea when will be the time. InsyaAllah, but my mind is still not settling down. I still need more time to organize myself. :).. Kan papa kan..


Ramai orang bertanye "bile emir nak ade adik"..

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