Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please e-mail me ok

Someone stranger message me through YM, I thought I have already restricted whom can have my yahoo id. But I was wrong, this stranger has googled my name and of cos he could easily find my blog and to that, he interferes my life. Can he just shut up his &@#$%%% mouth, he makes me scared especially now when my hubby is not around.

FYI, i have experienced in 2003 where someone hacked my hotmail, blog and yahoo.

My blog is the only space I can share and "record" my daily life so that InsyaAllah it would be the best way for my child(ren) to know me.

I refused to pour my thought on our current politic issues. I would maintain this blog to tell about my story. not others..

So, there goes, I dont feel like sharing my life to the entire world anymore..
enough said..

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