Monday, July 14, 2008

Emir at 2

Hi. It has been a long silence for me. These days, I felt like im not into blogging. wooooo!! its that me?? Yeah, probably i just love reading blogs rather than writing.

First, i promised to post Emir's Bday party at his daycare centre. I hope that my charming hubby -- hehe bagi up sikit, will let me used the laptop. Anyway, speaking of utilizing the internet, my little baby wouldnt allow me to do so, everytime i touched the laptop, he will come towards me and say "Oyo Oyo" -- (Pocoyo) So there goes my fave past time.

Secondly, it took me ages to upload one single freaking pic. End up, i feel more comfortable "peeping" at other people's life - thats what hubby told me, "orang yang tengok blog orang ni suke nyebok hal orang lain". Anyone to back me up?

And third.. I can only blogging if only the dear husband is not using the computer and the son is sleeping which happened once in a blue moon. So, sekarang ni i tengah blog dekat dekat.. well the time posted here will answer to my question above.

Back on track, Emir is becoming naughtier and naughtier. I mean even naughtier. To make it short, we have cut his hair and he looks like tentera darat and yes, a lot different.

It happened yesterday when I was performing my Isyak prayer. I was in the room alone with him. Always, I pray and I will leave his toys to keep him occupied but yesterday, since it was in my mum's house and there were no toys around, so i was just leave him in that way.

And of cos as predicted, he grabbed my attention and yes sangat tidak kusyuk aku solat. First, he was "flying" around with the bed's pillar. alaa yang four foster bed tu. Mase tu hati aku dah berdegup, plus it was near the window, I was just afraid he would hit his head at the window and fell from bed. Even though, I was solat, but I did gave him this stare look yet he just ignored it.

Soon after, he was standing happily at the end of the bed, to be exact the empty space beside the mattress, buat gaya alaa-alaa ke kiri dan ke kanan, and looking at me. Oh, im telling you, Emir really buat darah ibu dia berdegup degup. He did fell but he didn't cry.

And he looked at me. That time, I was on my rakaat terakhir. And kedebush, he threw tin biskut at my head. Mase tu rase nak "smack down" Emir dah.. hahaha sakit bangat ok, but yeah, I did managed not to say "Adoi". haha. Since he looked at me with no response, again he did the same thing, but the fun thing was the tin hit his foot. Honestly, I was nearly laughing. Emir then hugged me and said "kit kit" (sakit) but yeah, it was a little while only. Quickly he took the tin and tried to bump to my head, but yeah, Tuhan saje yang tahu betape pantasnye aku membace tahiyat akhir itu.. and taraa... Tak sempat..

And, after I finished performed my prayer, he quickly asked for his milk.. "Bu, ku ku" (Ibu nak susu).. and guess what.. While I was away preparing for his milk, sempat tengok Emir celah pintu. He was lying down on the bed peacefully.. without any stunt that freak me off..

Well, i think thats the way he can grabbed my immediate attention.

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