Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Emir 2nd Birthday Party - Part 1

Alhamdulillah, Emir 2nd birthday Party was done smoothly, despite slightly hiccups but overall, I was not so kelam kabut as per last year, mane tak nyer semua nyer outsource. I was so determined to bake my son's birthday cake this year, but since tak cukup tangan dan kaki, again outsourcing is the best option.

Anyway, mind you this will be a long long entry. More pictures than words.. Thanks for those who came and special gift for Emir.. Emir loves it so much :) - mak dia pun excited jugak, hehehe

Sorry, not all pictures are posted here, hana, i ingat nak amik gambar mase budak2 swimming, sekali anak i mengamuk daa.. Speaking of Wet Birthday Party, oh no, it turned out to be Tantrum Pool Party, Oh my, Emir was crying like nobody business, ade ke patut nak mandi naked, aiyoo, Asyraf takut air pulak.. only little Haikal cool je, tapi kecik lagi, setakat tengok abang-abang nangis je... Sayang, cos the wheather was "supportive".

And today, we had organized small birthday party at Emir's daycare centre, here, it was amazing experience since we were surrounded by cutie pie kids.. They were excited especially during the blowing session, semua nak ikut blow candles.. Emir biaselaa, nangis pulak..

I love kids i love kids. Seriously, i feel very soothing and relaxing when the kids are around. They are honest, cute and semua-semua lah yang orang besar takde.. hope one fine day I can become kindergarten teacher..

I will post pictures taken at Emir's school later..

Overall, it was enjoyable and memorable Birthday Party for Emir

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Venue: Royal Domain Hall

Curik gambar kak Ina :)

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