Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bukak balik :p

I have reopened my blog to public view however, there will be no more archives. We do have archive but only for my own records. Hubby is back and my routine officially resume as normal. Anyway, when he was not around, I feel quite good. You know when you have someone you can rely on and suddenly after being so comfortable, you have to do everything on your own. To me, the most difficult part is driving the car. Man.. Im telling you I am quite scared to hold the steering. But there it goes, I wont let myself being hiatus for one week and doing nothing.

So, I was on leave on Friday and went to not one, not two, but THREE warehouse sales on the same day. Well, you know I am a big fan of warehouse sale but I rarely inform on the blog. Hehehe. Anyway, I was contemplating to take leave on Friday since I only left few days of leaves for this year but thinking this would be my own precious time, so I just closed my eyes and go for it.

On Friday morning, as usual I will send Emir to the daycare. I have planned to hunt for the sales before afternoon so that I would have ample time to do roses cake decorating after lunch, but tell u, when I was in R*** warehouse sale, I met Dotty and she dragged me to this kopitiam and we talked until 3.30pm. I think it has been ages for me to be seated freely and gossiping without any interruption from my boys ..

Thereafter, I managed to catch up for another two warehouse sales before 5.30. All in all, I had generously spent my hubby’s salary in a "good way". Huhu. He gave me his ATM before he left - Big mistake big mistake. But anyway, I am so satisfied at least I managed to find ways without being lost.

The next day, as promised to my colleague, I had housewarming lunch at Kelang. My dad was not so keen as it has been a while for me to drive that far especially nobody will entertain Emir in the car but anyway promise is a promise. Not so difficult to handle Emir in the car since I had spared the chocs, sweets and drinks for him. I know it is not good for a kid but hey, that’s the only way he can seat still.

Btw, it is more difficult to keep Emir playing on his own for hours. Nowadays my crazy for baking is getting worsen. Keh keh,. To me it is not just about the cake, but on the cake decorating. So before I went to Klang, I baked a cake for my colleague, but as I couldn’t do the roses the day before, so it took a while for me to decorate everything on the same day. So with Emir alone, well, too much challenging for me. At first he was ok, but after few hours memang la kan. I just let him do whatever he wished and guess what he did.

- tumpahkan nasik dekat lantai
- sepahkan rumah
- pindah kan nasik ke tempat lain

He would come to the kitchen and called me "Bu jar jar" (Ibu kejar-kejar) but when I refused he would cried. Imagine me with the icing and had to main kejar kejar dengan Emir at the same time. If I just ignored him, he would call me..

"Abu.. abu.." (Ibu Ibu)..


From the voice, I know he is happily wanted me to see him and gave me a heart attack

- Panjat sofa and buat stunt ala-ala superman sambil kepala ke bawah..
- Panjat TV cabinet dan berdiri
- Main suis (bukak tutup laptop)
- Berdiri dekat slides sambil goncang-goncangkan slides

But, I still managed to do the baking things except that I didn’t manage to clean up the mess especially icing. So I left my house with keadaan yang sangat bersepah-sepah.

Anyway, guess what, I managed to find ways to Kelang again without being lost and went to another warehouse sale in Klang with my colleagues. Oh FYI, in our department we do have the same interest - sanggup amik cuti untuk pergi warehouse sale and we are the warehouse sale madness. From Klang, I went back to my parent's house in Kemensah and accompanied my dad to fetch my mum at KLIA.

A lot of stories from my mum...

Anyway, Hubby was back on Monday. Overall it is good to have him around since I feel more secured, comfortable and safe. It just that I am happy to proof to myself that I am able to do things on my own and without being controlled. I couldn't imagine to those single parent on how they manage the kids alone, I sorang pun kelam kabut. To that I am thankful to what I have.

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