Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emir's report card day

Yes yes yes, i know i know, he is just two years old.. but the parents dah kene pergi amik report card. Even my mum also was like "What? amik report card?? baru 2 tahun"..

ok ok, as this was our first experience, jadi tahap excited nyer melebih sikit. actually the report is more on Emir's progress for the past one month. i do agree Emir has shown a rapid progress especially in terms of his interpersonal skills.

From a shy timid boy, sekarang ni sudah tidak takut lagi dengan stranger. Not good by the way, bahaya jugak kan. And a lot of new things that surprised us. Recently was the way he swims. Waduh, sungguh berbeza sekali. At first i wonder how he gets his rhythm on swimming, dengan kaki berkocak, baringkan badan, tangan ke depan. sekali rupenyer dari sekolah dia..

Puan Hanis Azman

Dear Hanis

U look gorgeous on that day. Sangat-sangat. Anyway, you are naturally beautiful, so on your big day, seriously u look extra cantik! Sorry I tak sempat nak amik gambar dengan u since my little boy sudah buat perangai yang lebih-lebih. Luckily my dear husband has taken this video for my memories.

Hope you enjoy this journey, it is tough but Im sure u will love it!!

p/s someone that is very dear to me has deleted her blog. kenapa ya..

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