Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary

19 May 2008

My dad's 58th birthday. When we asked what he wants for his birthday, Baba replied with a very short and simple answer "Cukuplah badan yang sihat dan boleh tengok mimi kawin" hahaha since my sister Mimi asked that question.

We bought Baba a birthday cake, sponsored by my sister.. hehe sekali sekala kan. What surprised us was, our little Emir was very excited when he saw the cake in the box. He was smiling sheepishly when he saw the cake with the candle. Unlike a year ago when we bought a cake for his birthday, now he will quickly voluntereed himself to arrange the candles. We were amazed caused we rarely bought a birthday cake - guess he learns from the school.

Then, we it times to blow the candles, yeah, he blowed it in his own way - slow and sangatlah berhati-hati. which is good. hehehe, and of cos datuk Emir sangatlah happy. Watch this video yeah

21 May 2008

Our THIRD anniversary. Kejap je, pejam celik pejam celik dah 3 tahun kawin, anak dah nak masuk 2 tahun. Still young but i learnt a lot about life, more than what i learnt from 12 years of my school days.

Anyway, being me, to be specific, being a woman, we will always remember the important dates in our life. Of cos, i do remember 21 May 2008 and yes, takde salah nyer if im the first one to wish happy anniversary. But i love to know whether Mr. Husband notice it or otherwise. And, as expected, he forgot. :) Am i disappointed, not really. Lucky him cos my dear sister in law called me early in the morning - on my way to the office and we were still in the car. And of cos he heard the conversation and within a second terus la teringat.

At 5.30pm sharp, Mr. husband and Emir were already waiting for me. Since there was a massive traffic jam, so we decided to have our dinner near to our place. Ape lagi kalau bukan Sol*aris kan. We chose Sushi King and Mr. husband bought a cake. hmm kenyang kenyang..

Untuk Encik Emran, kite sayang awak ok :)

p/s My aunt is admitted to the hospital again. Doakan bersama kesihatan dia ya, terima kasih.

3 years - tengok la muka Emir tu..

yes, half je

Emir sangat teruja tengok sushi berpusing-pusing

Yes, emir sangat suka cawamushi - err betul ke spelling ni..

Us, without Emir, mane Emir?? Tengah melalak dengki..

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