Saturday, April 12, 2008


My maid runs away...

On Friday morning, like every morning, I would always rushing up to go the office. And that Friday morning was totally different from my any other morning. Having a grown up son, my house will always in a mess. Toys are all over the places, papers are separated one by one, and usually, when I open my door room every morning, SHE will either cleaning up the mess or already done with that job.

But that morning, everything seems like yesterday night. Strange. Yes, HER door was still locked but the light was on. At first I thought, OK, she hasnt wake up. But at 8am, I smell something fishy. I opened her door, and she was not inside. I was searching high and low, even under the bed, and COnfiRmED she's not in my house. SHE IS GONE. Damn IT!!

Yes, i was stressed up. This girl has been staying with me for the past one year. I know she really well planned!! Especially i just renew her work permit. She's kind of lazy but I can take it as SHE is taking care of Emir, i would say - no complaint from my side. Seriously, i never scolded HER, tak pernah suruh die buat itu buat ini. To tell you the truth, I always asking my husband on what SHE did during the day besides taking care of Emir. Always, baju tak berbasuh, rumah tak bersapu. Bile ketuk baru kuat. Tapi, sebagai majikan yang tak kisah, senyap je lah. Im not that kind of fussy when it comes to housechores. My concept is that, as long as Emir is OK, im fine.

So, whats wrong with this girl.?? Slowly I hated her especially when I already gain my trust on her. People around us keep blaming us cos we provided her with the mobile phone, but WE have our very own personal reason on that. Maybe we gave much freedom on her. Well, i dont want to analyse but SHE is not thankful at all. SHE knows that April is my busiest month of the year, SHE knows that Emir has this anxiety when it comes to stanger. So why can she give us this sympathy?

Yeah, I dont know what happen to me. I can easily cried. Not because I lost her - NEVER!! but i felt sorry for my son. Can someone who will replace HER, jage sebaik what she did to Emir (this i cant deny - she gets credit on this). And my biggest question, who will take care of him from this coming Monday. Another Maid?? I dunno. as for now, I just dont trust everyone especially INDONESIAN. They are liars!! Sebab tu negara derang susah nak maju. Daycare?? We have been scouting around last Friday, and thank you for those who gave the suggestion. sbut I dunno? Can Emir cope? Can the babysitter handle him? Yes, saya sangat serabut.

Jumping into the conclusion, I feel like resigning, but yes, it makes things getting worst. They are few bills that I need to pay every month. So whose going to pay for it? And definitely we have to change our lifestyle. Baru je nak merase berabis hutang. Can I face it? Probably NO.

Oh ya, FYI, HER name is WARSINAH. So sila berjaga-jaga. Barang dia ambil, banyak - and yes, SHE has her passport with her. DAMN IT, I HATE YOU WARSINAH. Akak tak halalkan ape bende yang akak bagi sebelum ni and yes, die ni panjang tangan. Duit memang dia ambil, termasuklah Ain, yang ko bagi kat Emir. Tapi kite buat diam je, tak kuasa nak layan. Sekarang, I make it out loud. Memang tak halalkan. Semoga Allah balas ape yang patut dibalas.

Up to this point, we are still in cloud 9 whose going to take care of my beloved Emir. Oh ya, my mum, of cos BOTH MUMS are worried too. But my mum is still working, my MIL, she has to take of my FIL. Hmm.. again, I HATE U WARSI!!

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