Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emir & daycare

Since my maid ran away, i feel like to open my own daycare. I already have the name - Emir's friend & Playhouse. Haha. It seems quite hard to find a suitable daycare for my son. Or maybe, im too fussy, well most of the daycare that interest me runs by non-Malay. yang runs by Malay pulak, mahal giler!! Ok, dont get me wrong, I have no issues with non-Malay, infact, Im happy if my son can mingle around with all races. But daycare - hmm, im really put more emphasize on the food that they may going to feed my son. Anyone can claim it is halal food, but how halal is halal?

Well, back to my fist line - Emir's Friends and Playhouse.. Why not kan, since I like kids and also I love to cook for these kids, would it be an amazing idea? Lame kelamaan i dont think i manage to do based on the following reasons:

1) Saya sangat tidak boleh membasuh poops or wee wee anak orang lain
2) Saya tidak boleh membasuh muntah anak orang lain

Since these two reasons are most likely will happen everyday. akan ku lupakan lah hajat ku ini. hahaha..

Sekian terima kasih.

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