Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ujie is engaged. Congrats!! I grabbed ur picture from ur frenster. Oh ya, btw, I am in the office.. but during lunch hour.. Recently I enjoy tapau-ing food from home. Not to say safe budget but also it is clean and definitely free from ajinamoto.

Before that, I would like to take this opportunity to begggggggggggggg my dearie husband untuk memasangkan streamyx at home. Yeah yeah, since now im more into photo blogging rather than writing, so I dont want my photos thingy jadi cerite basik :D..

And, I have been asking the same questions since my previous two posts. Am I pregnant? Jeng jeng jeng.... And what did I achieved in January.. Sad to say, there is no clue for the second baby, but I believe there will always a reason behind it and I/We can foresee why :D..

Our achievement.. Oh ya, this is what we have been waiting for so long. Free from debts. Yes, it is. Alhamdulillah. No more worry on my/our painful credit cards except that now I have to pay monthly instalments for our membership club with this Sanctuary. Actually, we rarely used our credit cards for shopping, it just that the BIG amounts came from the BIG events in our life (from wedding sampai lah pindah rumah). The deposits, the furniture, the hospital bills etc. And bende tu beranak pinak. But thats life for those who have to pay their own expenses. I dint say Im proud, but I have learnt a lot through out the process.

Ok ok i better stop now. At the beginning, I wanted to answer the tagged from Faidzah, but unfortunately, she is menyibukkan diri kat tempat i sebab nak cakap dengan Loke. So tak syiok laa kan faidzah.. and girl, sangat cantik bouquet of flowers itu. Happy Annivesary !!

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