Saturday, February 02, 2008



I missed blogging and I missed reading blogs too.. My hubby used to say blogger (he specifically pointed to me) is a busybody person cos we tend to peep at someone's life. Boo!! I dont agree at all. We are the one who let others know about what we are currently doing. If you wanna hide it out, just block it as privacy la kan..

Anyway, I was not that busy, it just that I am lazy too scout a peaceful place for my cyber world. Well, I would rather packed my 8 hours in the office rather than bring my work at home as I know it didnt work. Note: mustail la kan 8 hours kat office boleh concentrate buat keje je :p Enggak ku tahu bila bapak Emran mahu pasang itu streamyx di rumah. But at a single point, I am more comfortable without the streamx cos u know laa how fascinated my hubby would be with the internet.

Of cos so many things happened recently. But i would rather outlined the happiest news.. one of it, alhamdulillah, my husband has successfully helping me to fulfill one of my wishlist this year. rezeki, tak sangka pulak early january 2008 dah boleh.. ok, the rest..

Dear Faidzah, im surely one fine day will response to your tag.. nyeh nyeh nyeh.. sekarang ni nak catch up orang lain punyer blog.

Dear Ain, congratulations on Haikal arrival. Sedey tak dapat nak jenguk Haikal. We were on our way dah takde.. konpiden je ain ade rumah. Sekali, Haikal dah on the way balik Pontian

Dear Ujie, congratulations on your engagement. I think this is a good news, so tak pe la kan i make it as an announcement..

Dear Teh, congratulations on the upcoming wedding.. Dup dap dup dap tak :p

And Dear Dotty.. Great picnic yesterday!! Sampai letih we all anak beranak.. Emir hari ni bangun pukul 12, itu i yang kejutkan.. kalau tak ntah kul berape la Emir bangun.

And dear readers, thank you for the wish (on behalf of Encik Husband)..

Oh ya, Mr. Husband bought his new toy.. heheh, but unfortunately that toy sekarang dalam kete, maleh nak pergi amik. later i will upload Irene's farewell and Lake Garden picnic. :) Yerp, saya juga amat suka amik gambar..

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