Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tajuk: Emir tercekik tulang

It is 9 past five. Some of my colleague are attending a seminar and the rest are on our normal routine - attending the client. But me, yeah im doing out of scope work. huhu. Well, i might say im quite obedient these few days as i rarely browsing the web. I did, but it was not more than 5 minutes.

Sometimes blogging is not the way to express what i feel. I still have to consider people around me. Those who are avid readers of my blog includes my close immediate family. Dont get me wrong, i dont have any problem with my hub, but of cos in marriage we do have ups and down. But not this time.

Ok ok yes yes, this Friday is hub's 28th bday. My leave has been approved and I have planned something special. Last year, I planned one photoshoot session for us but my dear hub, i dunno, he refused to go. I couldnt remember what was his reason but it hurts me badly cos it was my 2 months planning. And this year, he simply said, he just want to be in the office, need to do some works. Hmm.. how should i react, should i merajuk, buat ape cos his bday, should i masam muke, also buat ape cos he is doing his work. but you know.. i just want a quality time with him.

Again, im dragging myself too much..

Anyway, semalam Emir tercekik tulang. Tulang ikan kembung. It was my first time experience. Seriously, we didnt know what to do, tot wanna bring him to the doctor but it was already late at night. Why it was late? Mule-mule memang die menangis, relax kejap bagi susu, tertidur, tapi tetibe after one hour emir bangun and still tunjuk-tunjuk mulut. At the beginning, i wanna forced him to vomit, but we afraid it would be more painful. He refused to eat everything, Everytime he tried to swallow, he will point to his mouth.

So, we let him eat what a child wants - ice cream, chocs, vitagen, dutch lady and yogurt. and yeah, it works. After one hour, he vomitted naturally. Up to this point, i am still not so sure whether dah ok ke belum but i do hope the pain is gone since he sleeps peacefully yesterday.

Today, i told my colleagues about this, just to ask whether they have any petua. I list down a few, appreciate it if you could add on the list
a) Makan nasi yang berkepal
b) Air suam letak dalam senduk masak, selawat then bagi minum
c) Arwah nenek i ajar suruh cakap "hey pak lele (i pun tak tau sape pak lele) hilang lekat tulang ini"

Ok, anything?

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