Sunday, January 06, 2008

Emir & Kopiah - 18 months story

Anyway, it seems that Emir is hardly wearing neither a cap nor kopiah lately. When he was 7 8 months, wearing a cap was a must whenever we went for an outing. But since he now know how to object, so slowly we began to forget about his cap. I dont know, perhaps wearing a cap is a mess for him..

Anyway, Emir has reached 18 months last 29 December. sangat cepat kan. And he had his 18 months jab last Thursday. I asked my parents to bring him to the paed since my parents are still on leave, and seriously i was surprised to know that everyone in the house went to the clinic and the best part was, they packed themselves in the paed's room.. haha, penangan cucu + anak sedara sorang.

18 months. yeah, emir is learning how to talk. he has more vocabs to impress us. Thanks to Pocoyo for helping him to speed the process. Let me list down the vocabs as at today..

a) Hey - yoo (Helo) - now i can call him frequently from the office since he knows how to respond. My bro - Saff siap YM lagi sebab seronok sangat anak sedara borak dengan dia. again, penangan anak sedara sorang

b) Yah (Cik Yah - my sister) - he keeps calling my sister cik yah instead of Wan Chik and my sister quite bengang jugak la kan sebab name die ainun :).

c) Pa - per - Papa always bring Emir to buy The Star every weekend especially on Saturday.

d) Car - Not only he knows how to pronounce it but he knows which one is our car, even my dad's car.

e)Mir Mir Mir (Emir) -When he wants something, this is the word that he would say out loud

f) Bye bye - i just heard him saying it today when i called him and spoke to him

g) Antang - (anjang - my sis) my sister yang sangat suka kacau Emir, and everytime kacau, Emir will scream ANTANG!!!!!!!

h) ka Ka Ka (ika) also my sis, but sometimes ka sounds like Car jugak

i) Papa - Obviously

j) Air - I realised he only say Air when he is in the toilet

Thats all that i can think. Alhamdullilah, Emir pun dah banyak bende dia faham, if i list it down, it may has no ends :).. But Above all, i am still waiting for Emir to call me

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