Friday, November 16, 2007

Tarik nafas turun nafas

Wahlaa, saya sangat kelam kabut sepanjang minggu ini. Thought when hubby came back, I can share my exhaustion with him, but aiyoo, he didnt help much. Ok ok encik husband, he did, but since your timing is still not adjusted yet, so kepenatan tak dapat di switchkan lagi.

Last Friday, when i came back from office, my maid makes her sour face. And when i asked her, she started crying. And from there, i smell that something is not right. She found out that her brother was in coma and the family desperately needed some money from her. After a while, i asked her whether she wanted to go back to Indon or not and of cos without hesitate she nodded.

Well, Mr. husband was not really agreed on this, but when i told my husband that the maid was in her room for the whole day, crying and didnt eat at all, so I guess my decision was definitely in place. i wont put my son in risk in this situation. Yeah, i called the agent and of cos they didnt allow the maid to go back cos she only stayed with us for less than a year. But since im the employer, i have the right to say yes or not.

So there goes the day, i was on EL on Monday. Went to Indon's embassy to get the approval letter from them. And Allah knows how I felt that day. Penat gile. I was there for the whole day, queue-ing and the worst part was to see most of Indonesian ludah sane ludah sini tidak kire laki atau perempuan, tua atau muda. Disgusting!!

And that nite itself, my parents held a doa selamat kenduri at home. As the eldest daughter, berkejaran la jugak since my mum currently has no maid. Luckily, there is one ustazah who let us have her maids. Not One but Three. Hehe.. Since the next day i was working, so i insisted hubby to go back to our house so i can at least maximized my sleeping hours.

On Tuesday, I was too tired, honestly i couldnt really focused on my work. Luckily my Boss-es were not in the office. It really helped me to digest my energy. That day, I was still bz on my maid's docs. And later in the afternoon, i was on EL again to send her to the KLIA.

And on Wednesday, alhamdulillah, my parents has departed to perform Haj. Emir was a bit tantrum but he managed to wait for his atuk and wan until 4 am. And again, i was on my annual leave on Thursday and today to babysit my son and jadik bibik kepada adikadik ku. Note: Cutii saya memang banyak :D

Oh ya, afraid that the message dint spread out. We will throw Emir's first birthday bash tomorrow, 17 november 2007 at our place. Actually, it is the extended version of my housewarming and Raya. Thought we want to invite the family and friends at the same time, tapi disebabkan rumah kecik je. so we have to separate it. We have invited our families couple of weeks ago so now it is for our friends pulak..

I have sent the invitation for the past one week. And guess, i will be cooking ALONE!! But whatever it is, i still bake the birthday cake.. hehe.. So, let say kalau lah makanan tak sedap.. ahahha.. ampun ya !!
Anything, just call 0123556063. hope to see u there especially bloggers mummy!!

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