Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sekarang ni tengah suke edit edit gambar, abaikan laa yer..

Sayang tak terkata

Looking back at my history, i classified myself under seorang yang penggeli. (wat we call penggeli in english?). I dont like sticky hands and i couldnt let my eyes to see dirty things. I remembered when i was 11 years old, that time the whole family were effected with this virus, i couldnt recall the name. Anyway, both my legs were covered with blood and abscess and that was the reason why i have a big scar on my legs :). So everyday, it was either my parents or my late Tokwan will wash my legs since i couldnt bear to see my own legs. :)

But after Emir was born, slowly i learn to leave that habit. First and foremost, in "handling" Emir's poops. Well, even though im the eldest in the family and sometimes my parents forced me to wash my bro/sis poops, but it was very very rare. But having Emir, it is everyday occasion :D.

And when Emir was down with fever, chicken pox and recently HFMD, i dont mind to share foods with him, sleep with him (of cos) and belek2 Emir even though the virus is spreading quite fast. And it reminds me of my mum when she was heavily pregnant my bro, i was having chicken pox. I knew she knew how dangerous for pregnant mum in exposing themselves with chicken pox virus, but she still applied the cream and so on.And now, when i am a mother, i understand this is what we call uncondinally love..

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