Thursday, November 29, 2007

He is now 17 months

Exactly, today he is 17 months. Time flies. 17 months back he was only 2.6kg but now (before he gets HFMD), he was 14kg!! Emir is now a toddler instead of a baby but to me he is still my baby. Let see what he has achieved at 17 months:-

a) He has mastered a handful of words. He has more vocabs that surprised us but still i havent hear he says Ibu. As we repeated teaching him the same thing, Emir can easily get bored and ignored us. Example, we always asked him, "where is Emir Rasyid? Papa? Ibu?" Last time, he responded, but now if we asked him the same question, he will answer "Ntah" and he will start giggling.

b) He understands more what we are talking about. Emir loves to play with switches especially to switch off the fan, and we will always scolded him. So everytime, he wanted to switch off the fan, he will look at us as if to "inform" us.

c) Now he knows what he wants. He will tell us where to sit, where to sleep, and what to eat. And if only we dont understand, he will cry yang berpusing-pusing di mane-mane sahaja.

d) I read this one article. Toddler is famously a picky eaters. Yeah, thats true!! Emir doesnt like to eat soft and sticky food, example jelly even though the jelly looks very attractive. My colleague once told me that we have to teach them to eat various of food, I tried but still the result is not so convincing. He is more enjoying his everyday meals, carrot, rice, egg, fish. And yeah, he doesnt really like chicken.

e) Yeah, he is moving forward to sleep only once during the day and usually if i am around. If not, the maid will inform me "hari ni emir tak tido siang" or "emir hari ni tido tak sampai setengah jam". But during the night, i can get a very good sleep nowadays. of cos he will wake up during the night but to me, it is still OK

f) He has 12 teeths. 6 di atas dan di bawah. Scary!! hehe. He knows at least once a day he must brush his teeths but in his own way. :)

g) He is still breasfeeding. Yeah, sometimes im proud of it but seeing his teeths, enough to make me scared. hehehe

h) He loves loves to poke on me. Now, he loves to sit on my tummy and jump,jump and jump. Sakit betul sebab i kurus ok :p. What else, when i watched tv, Emir dengan selambernyer stand in front of the tv. And he gets excited when we (including my siblings) bising2 dekat dia.

i) He loves to make friend and ive seen him easy to socialize with his peers. So, our job is easier if we go to a place where kids are around. Tengok pun dah boleh buat Emir duduk diam.

j) He knows the tertib. Nak solat ade sejadah, nak keluar pakai kasut, lepas makan basuh tangan. Oh, you should see him solat suka hati. hehe.

i) Tidur wajib dengan ibu. Yesterday, i was online until almost 4am. During that period, ntah berape kali ntah Emir terjage and finally i stopped becos, he went out of the room to look for me. Padahal bapak die tido kat sebelah je. One thing about Emir, kalau terjage dari tidur, mesti memang habit die.. terus duduk walaupun mate-mate mengantuk die tu.

Cukup la kot kan, actually banyak lagi. Anyway, Emir is recovering from HFMD. He eats gradually and he started to gain weight again. Alhamdulillah. Maybe Allah doesnt allow me to go to Sudan and Im thankful for that cos I know my son needs me more than the clients need me.

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