Thursday, October 25, 2007

I try

Eversince I have given birth to Emir, I always dream of the perfect shape like Amy Mastura or Ziana Zain. But, as we wanted to have another next bin/binti Emran soonest possible, so I just keep an eye of becoming the talk of the town .. haha!! Yelaa, penat-penat berdiet, last-last terbuncit pulak kan..

Actually, that is my plan, I want the age gap between Emir and his sis/bro tak banyak, so that they can clique together.. then when the third comes I dont mind if it is 5 years after..

But up until now, there is no news and no sign :(. Perhaps I am still breastfeeding my little Emir or I still didn't get my appropriate massage.. (orang kate ape - naikkan rahim).. I think laa..

So, if nothing happen until the end of this year, ini bermakna, saya akan lancarkan perang berhabisan untuk menurunkan balik apa yang terlebih-lebih.. but the question is... CAN I???? Cos no doubt that i loveeee to eat.. hehe

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