Friday, September 14, 2007

wOpps Woppss

One thing that can cheer me up easily is to look at my son.. This picture taken when Emir baru 10-15 min tengok dunia. As a mother, i dint realize that it is more than a year Emir has rapidly changed. Honestly, it is a profound transition in our lives. When Emir is born, the focus of my attention is on Emir.

I become preoccupied with Emir needs, often to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. And sometimes I find myself so enthralled with Emir until to the extend where our love "affair" begins to eclipse my love affair with my very own husband :).

Well, I guess most of new mothers agree with me.

Back to my first intention to blog, I am happy + relief that my long awaited presentation has lasted this morning. Never I had this funny feeling before. Yeah, perhaps I have to present in front of the group of people who is very well-acknowledge about tax and law. You know, I dint have a good sleep for the past two days especially to equip myself with the Foreign Exchange Notices from Bank Negara from scratch.

Ok peeps, tomorrow i will be back to Malacca.. Oh ya, ada orang tanya, kenapa jarang online? sebab rumah baru tak de internet :(..

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