Monday, September 03, 2007

Saya sangat penat

Saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat..

Rasa penat kali ni lagi teruk dari diri sendiri yang kawin. I was running here and there to ensure that my sis wedding run smoothly. Pretty cool when i looked back for the last few days, from my long lasting speech to my sis until the final day. Well, let me list down what has happened

Sun 26 Aug = Merisik
Mon 27 Aug (Midnite) = My sis say YES
Tues 28 Aug = Foods, Inviting
Wed 29 Aug = Fitting baju, Inviting, Hantaran
Thursday 30 Aug = Reject baju (that shop in Taman Kosas charged us RM3K for the service.. Damn it.. Ambil kesempatan)
Thursday 30 Aug (Evening) = Confirm green theme, searching for bunga telur, hantaran, bought sweets for the kids, Inviting, called photographer. KEMAS!!!
Friday 31 Aug = Kemas, hantran, inviting, meet photographer, pelamin pasang, baju siap, hantaran siap, bak kate semua siap, mane tak nye i slept at 3 am
Sat 1 Sept = Lagi penat, those who came, its either me or my mother = "Mira mane bende ni, mira mane bende tu" and my sis pulak "Kak long tolong amik ni dekat situ, dekat sini".

And i reall really need a break.. I tot i can get it done, but i was wrong. On the Sat nite itself, my dearest hubby asked me to pack our stuff.. aka packing barang.. Walaupun tak banyak but still it used my energy yang dah sedia penat yang dah terkumpul banyak hari.. Encik husband, sila bawa saya ke tempat menarik lepas ni ok!!

So today, I woke up at 10 am sharp (9 hours of sleeping). To release our tension konon kononnyer, my hub brought us out for jalan-jalan. So we decided to watch the Fireworks in Putrajaya but my oh my, the traffic was very very bad and we reached home at 1.20 am. And tomorrow, we gonna pack and unpack again...

And now, I have to finish my slides presentation to be submitted to my manager tomorrow. And now its already 230 am and I dint start anything yet :( Sob sob sob. Promise to my colleague i will pass the slides to the manager on last Friday but unfortunately i seriously dont have time to even look at it.

Penat, penat, penat..

p/s Gambar Jiji kawin kene tunggu dulu. Most probably bout a week time cos I have to wait for the photographer. Em's camera dah rosak, so tak de sape immediate family yang amik gambar.. This afternoon, our neighbour have printed the pic to us but akak tak de scanner laa sayang.. Sabar ya..

and tak sempat jugak nak jenguk blog orang lain.. Apa khabar kawan-kawan ya..

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