Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ini sangat cepat. Emir n papa nyer tak de, both of them went to Giant.. So, left alone the mother with the computer.. so time for me to utilize this hour to browse update and see the world. Sangap betul tak de internet kat rumah baru, so whereever, I come back to my mum's home, i am more willing to wake up in the middle of nite (after the husband tido) just to have my own sweet time. if not, Emir will try to close the laptop and the father will call my name asking me to look after his son.. hehehe, so when both of them off to bed, there goes my peaceful nite :p

Note: ini entry yang sangat panjang sebab dah lame tak update kan..

Last week, I brought Emir to LornaWhiston in TTDI for a trial session class after ter influence by Rafiqaheliza post.. Hhaha.. So, you know blogger is not just about blogging, it is where you get the info ok. Most thought that LW is the English Learning Centre but yeah, they have a special program for the walker. So, I amik cuti purposely to check whether is it worth or not.


Summarized kot2 ade orang lain terinfluence pulak kan...

It is a very small class, only five children between 13 months to 18 months with one teacher and one assistant. and each children has to be accompanied by one adult (usually the mom) through out the session. Oh ya, only one hour per week and the class is only available on Thursday 1pm to 2pm.

The first 20 minutes, the children played with the educational toys. They will mess up the room with the toys and the children are free to do whatever they want and the teacher will approach each one of them and sing or tell them a story. At first Emir was very shy but later on i was laughing when Emir berebut2 mainan with another boy. and the funny thing was, all of them do not know how to talk, so semua point sane point sini when they want something..

Then after 20 minutes, it was story telling session. The children sit in a circle on a pillow. The funny thing was, instead sitting on the pillow, berkat asuhan rumah, dapat bantal je, Emir terus tidur. So, he is the only child who sleep while listening to the story while the rest were sitting on the pillow.

Then ade art class, and this is Emir very first experience using the brush and the water color. And i might say Emir did a good job with his "art work".. :)


After the art class, the children went to the "indoor" playground and I was very excited at this point as Emir showed a very good progress in terms of creating his relationship with his friends. He played the ball, jumping and climbing together with his friends.


And the last session, the teacher campak2 kan the books and let the children read the books while the teacher would sing and guided them to read the books.. Overall it was very interesting not only for the children but also the mothers as we shared our parenting stories together... But too bad, i didn't sign up for the whole semester, yeah im working.. So now im searching for other option. HotMama suggested Kidzspot. > and it was muchhhhh cheaper than LW. Will try some day


Last time, I was not that eager to go for any warehouse sale. Ye laa buat ape kan nak berasak2 berebut2 dengan orang but again berkat asuhan rakan-rakan di EY, now i am addicted for any warehouse sale ok.. And today, we went to Mattel warehouse sale at Wisma Hamomdal. Thanks Shiela!! Actually, i dont have anything to buy but since we have to fight to get the FP's toys, so it ends up we spent more that it supposed to be. But overall, this is the best FP* that i managed to grab :D

After went to FP' sale, we went to visit HotMama at Pantai Hospital. Oh ya, HM has safely delivered a baby boy on Thursday, 27 September 2007 weight at 2.25kg. When HM asked me to help her bedung her baby, i was "errr, are u sure".. Cos the baby sangatlah kecil. but bile dah berani, mulalah i dukung.. and oh ya, tetibe really looking fwd for another one.. hehehe.. HM congratulations!! I asked her which is more painful, she answered "c-sect".. So, a good note for me..

Ok till then, bubbye

p/s.. asal blogger sussah sangat nak upload gambar

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