Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My sister is getting married

..">..And that is the reason why I am so damn busy. And yes, it was such shocking news for the rest of the family. And I guess, this is the first time ever i heard the preparation only takes about a week (4 days to be precise) since the decision has been made within a week.

Why? Let me explain here. She is going to further her study abroad together with her future husband. Same place same university. Both parents are very delighted about this marriage. And the decision is sincerely from both of them and we think it was such a brilliant idea even though the time is really really limited.

Akad Nikah will be held this coming Saturday. The reception most probably next year.. Sebab memang super tak sempat laa kan, buat yang wajib dulu..

Why late? Cos they are waiting for the visa to be approved. Once approved, then only we can proceed further. And only last week, dapat visa. So they are going to departure on 6 september 07 which means we only have one weekend.

She is 21 years old. Still young but nothing wrong with that. Just because we are in the millenium era, 21 is mudaa lagi. But to me, as long as you are ready, then y u have to wait kan.. As her big sister, i am happy. Of cos I am, yang tak happy cos she breaks my record.. hehe..

Like myself, different people have different perception towards my marriage. They thought age is the barrier. They thought I should enjoy my teenager life. They thought I should concentrate on my career first. But instead, I go on with my decision and NOW i am definitely sure it was a wise decision...

And to my sister (i know she reads my blog),

"walaupun umur masih muda, perjalanan masih jauh, teruskan. Sebab kawin ni bende baik. Dapat elakkan bende yang tak elok. lagi berkat bila belajar. Malas nak cakap panjang-panjang sebab dah banyak dah kak long bersyarah.. anyway

Selamat pengantin baru"..

I need some space to breath!!!!!!!! My presentation slides pun tak siap lagi :p

kawan-kawan: Jemput datang ke majlis akad nikah pada 1 September 2007 di rumah saya di Kemensah Heights pada 12 tengah hari.

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