Monday, August 13, 2007

I've been tagged by iRa

Picture taken today 13 Aug 2007

After reading my own previous post, i realized that i have made a big mistake. Yeah, i should go back to my first rule - never post about work in the blog. But anyway, i think thats the only way to express your own frustration. Hubby is around but the fact he is not my colleague :p, so he is only a good listener. Angguk angguk geleng geleng je.. Faham tak faham im not sure..

Okay, i love to write about my son and after all i love blogging. Blogging has becoming more and more of my daily routine. I do feel "malu" cos my parents, my aunties, uncles and in laws do read my blogs. At least i do update them regularly about my life since im not regularly visiting them :D. Sometimes it is a must to post an entry especially when Emir shows new achievement. Here the tag goes

Tag: The many ways my child try to avoid bedtime/naptime

1. Emir will try to irritate me in many ways, especially knock his head, i dunno why. I have asked his paed and paed said it is his own unique habit.

2. Emir will sit down properly and hurl his body to the bed. He will continue doing this until i ignore him. It has been few occasion where he ter-bump his head on the window (besi lagi woo).. and it makes our next door neighbour called us :D (kak ainil you mom)

3. Emir will bite me when i am bf him. The more i show i am in pain, the more he repeatedly bites me and do his naughty face. So, most of the time, i have to pretend that nothings happen. Tapi kadang2 tak boleh tahan woo

4. Emir will find his Papa to play with cos he knows his Papa will never reject. And Papa will return Emir to me until one of them get bored :p

5. Ni leceh sikit. Panjat sane panjat sini. turun katil, sepah barang.. Everytime sepah barang, he will go to his drawer and punggahkan baju-baju..

6. Whenever i told emir to close his eyes, he will put his hands inside my mouth laa, help me to close my own eyes laa..

7. Worst part, nangis without a valid reason.

8. Emir will point everywhere, he wants this, he wants that.. When i show the thing that he points, he will nod, but when he gets it he just throw it away, and point another thing.

9. Talk talk and talk..

Ok, i can only identify 9. But anyway, i believe there are two ways to create the bond between Ibu dan Anak.

a. Through breastfeeding
b. Tidurkan anak..

Now im tagging

1. Mommy Aidan
2. Mommy Rizq
3. Asiah (mother of three)
4. Kak Ina
5. Mommy sheera and cha cha
6. Kak Loly

Sekian terima kasih.

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