Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inspirational story

This is the true story about a girl whom describe herself sometimes as naive, blur and stubborn.

She was about to attend a wedding ceremony which was held at Dewan Perdana Felda. As we already know, the function would be much protocol. Her husband insisted to bring his son to the wedding while the wife opposed it.

And as predicted, the son is sleepy, and i assumed the son is bored with the ceremony and he makes so much noise. All eyes glued to the boy. But the husband remained calm and brought the son outside the hall.

Actually, the wife could do much better to stop the son from crying. But as she was irritated that the husband didnot listen to her earlier, the wife nicely seated ignoring the fact that both father and son needed her.

But being the father, of cos he knows ways to tackle his own son.

This is what the wife thinks about her husband.

She is proud to have a husband like him as she realizes that not many husbands in the world could take care of his own child in that situation. Always, the husband would leave the responsibility to the wife. Besides, not a single cent the husband scolded the wife even though the husband knows that the wife is mad at him.

Do you know who plays the above character as the husband, the wife and the son ? :D

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