Sunday, August 05, 2007

I did it

Today, I accidentally forgot that I have kenduri kawin to attend. Thousand apologizes to our Jasinian couple (Fariza Hani and our senior (sorry laa lupe name ape).. Dod called me to check whether Im going or not, then barulahh teringat, but too late cos we were already on our way for our Shopping spree

Ape daa.. salahkan c-sect operation. I read quite a few articles stating that woman who has undergone c-sect operation will become more forgetful compared to those who had normal delivery. Well, in my personal experience, I couldnt compare much but the fact is, saya sangat mudah pelupa..

Yesteday i watched FFM 20 which was held in USM Penang. I recommend that for the FFM 21, I suggest that UTP is the best place for the next Live telecast outside KL.. Hehe.. Lawa UTP sekarang ni.. :D And I really touched to watch Azean Irdawaty who is really determined to come over all the way from KL to Penang to support our film industry despite her unstable condition. And yes, she deserved the title - Best Supporting Actress.. Lagi satu.. Vanidah Imran sangat sangat lawa!!

And today, I am really really satisfied on what we have spent. Read En. Abang: Saya sangat suka.. Hehe..

And tomorrow, possibly I will be on EL cos Emir is not well. Oh phlegm, cough, flu, please go go away from my son..

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